Cherie Davies: The Shortlist. A Short Story

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 8.06.19 am-thumb-350x471-290777.jpgCherie Davies (left), creative director at Sudler Sydney presents: The Shortlist. A Short Story

The Great Sandstorm of 2050 saw The Fall of The Rape Tax, Dog Dates and Project 84.

It was Super Sick Monday, and The War Correspondents on Breast Cancer wanted to Break The Taboo of Escalating Gifs and Boredom in The Unphotographed Album - The Book of Broken Silence.

Project Free Period and Project Revoice took Leaps to Share the Love via Blood Transfusions. However, The Blood Normal Locomo Challenge was a Budget Epic Fail.
Body Can't Wait so I grab my Health Purse and Smartplates and take the 8 Month Walk along The Route to The Nest Address. It's The Tiniest Listing in C21, where TV Doctors of America will have a Himalayan Showdown. Dogs For Dogs will present The Curious Cat Book. And Sip Safe, The Child Replacement Program, will Umpire the 16 & Under Noon Assembly and Teach Sickkids not to "Touch Your Footballs".

It's a Gutsy Negotiation as I Rescue The Fading Font within the Bee Saving Paper of the Dissolving Posters. The Typefaces Of The Fallen Txt to Help a Dane Prescribed To Death. It's a Call Of Hope. I Swap My Seat because In Real Life, Every Half Counts.

In her Mind Hole, Claudia's Imaginary Friend Hemoji is Living Proof of The First Smart Media Device For The Visually Impaired and Easy Assistance in the Black Supermarket. Together Again, The Voices Of Voices - Lucy Zwemmer and Ector The Projector, Fist Bump Ryan and Suzie. Monica Lewinsky is Around The Corner Touching Masterpieces, Feeling Sad. Tiny Doll Hands Sick Kids a Vent Inspection Ad, the Tradesmen Suncream, her Mamma Beer, looks at Dad Strong and asks, "What is an MRI?"

All In all, Love is Organic in The Coldest City. So Take My Seat and Give Your Heart.

Cannes Health Lions Shortlist 2018
Call of Hope
the curious cat book
Dogs for dogs
Body can't wait
Prescribed to death
The health purse
Locomo challenge
Share the love
Touch your footballs
Blood transfusions
Blood normal
Teach brush
The book of broken silence.
Mind hole
Project free period
Tiny Doll
Corazon - give your heart
The child replacement program
Dot mini - the first smart media device for the visually impaired
Every half counts
Touching masterpieces
Ryan & suzie
Fist bump
The coldest city
Love is organic
Take a seat
Tv doctors of America
Noon assembly
Living Proof
The tiniest listing
Around the corner - fireworks
The curious cat book
Swap my seat
I rescue
Imaginary friend Society
The fading font
In real life, Monica Lewinsky
The 8 month walk
Budget Epics: Himalayan showdown
Feeling sad
Black supermarket
Easy assistance
The voice of voices
16 & under
Ector the protector bear
The nest address
The Route
Sip Safe
bee saving paper
Budget Epics: The great sandstorm
The fall
Project 84
Escalating gifs
Project revoice
Dissolving posters
Break the taboo
The unphotographed album
Sickkids vs dad strong
Sickkids vs all in
War correspondents on breast cancer
Dog Dates
Help a Dane
Together again
Typefaces of the fallen
The rape tax
Mamma beer
Txt to help
What is an MRI?
Dissolving posters
Tradesmen's suncream
Vent inspection ad
Super sick Monday
Tiny Doll


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