Customer Owned Banking Association launches new 'Own Your Banking' campaign via Coordinate

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 9.15.55 am.jpgCustomer Owned Banking Association has launched a new campaign called 'Own Your Banking' created by Canberra-based independent agency Coordinate.

Almost half of all Australians have less trust in the big banks because of the Royal Commission into banking. At the same time, trust in customer owned banking institutions is on the rise.

Customer Owned Banking Association has created two new campaign videos that explain what's different about the customer owned banking model, in a humorous way.

A recent independent Essential Media poll of 1000 people found that because of the Royal Commission into banking:
·         47% have less trust in big 4 banks
·         18% have more trust in Credit Unions
·         17% have more trust in Mutual Banks
·         15% have more trust in Building Societies

COBA CEO Michael Lawrence said the findings showed there is a movement towards credible, strong and viable alternatives to the majors, such as customer owned banking institutions.
Says Lawrence: "We are not surprised to see trust in credit unions, mutual banks, and building societies on the rise in response to the stories coming out of the Royal Commission.
"Australians want a banking institution they can trust to put them first. Our model is solely customer focused because 100% of profits are used to benefit customers.
"Through our Own Your Banking campaign we have seen a genuine shift in consumer sentiment and a willingness to switch to a trusted alternative."
Brisbane couple Paul and Jo Trotter recently switched from a big four bank to Heritage Bank.
Says Paul: "What was coming out of the Royal Commission was really the final straw. "We just got to the point where we said we don't care what it takes, people have to stand up and break the monopoly of the big four.
"The process could not have been easier. People are fearful that it will be too hard to switch, but it hasn't been. We were prepared for it to be a bit messy, but it could not have been simpler."
Agency: Coordinate
Writer/Creative Director: Annette Nel
Project Director: Warren Apps
Producer: Maren Smith
Director: Steve Anthopoulos
Cinematographer: Dimitri Zaunders
Director, Engagement and Stakeholder Relations, Sally MacKenzie
Marketing Manager, Natalie Latham


JW said:

Good simple idea executed clearly. Thumbs up.

Back in my day... said:

We need more strong, simple, relevant ideas like this.

Yep said:

Well produced. Simple clear message with good demo of the enemy.
Well done.

Tired, try-hard and tedious said:

So does COBA promise that their associates won't take a piece of the pie - ever?

This is specious in the extreme.

So the big banks are lying, thieving, cheating bastards - who didn't know that??

Why do a couple of concepts (this isn't a campaign - it's the same ad done twice) about the enemy. Doesn't COBA have a difference that could have been celebrated?

Clunky writing, lazy direction, BAAAAD acting, hokey plots - they're so formulaic it's impossible to miss the tired gag lumbering down the road like a road-train full of mediocrity. Go back to AWARD school.

There - that's balanced out the comments above from the CD's Mum, besties, client team and agency juniors.

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