Deloitte Digital Melbourne + BWM Dentsu Sydney finalists in Cannes Innovation Lions shortlist

ProjectRevoice.jpgValue of Nature (1).jpgAustralia has secured two finalists in the Cannes Innovation Lions shortlist. This year, 21 campaigns from around the world have been shortlisted for the Innovation Lions. Each campaign will be assessed by the jury live at Cannes Lions in unique live judging.

Deloitte Digital Melbourne has been shortlisted for The Great Barrier Reef Foundation 'Value of Nature' and BWM Dentsu Sydney has been shortlisted for The ALS Association 'Project Revoice'.


nice idea but where's the execution? said:

reef idea looks interesting

all i could find on the web was this though

there's more to it right?

Big Fish said:

Shouldn’t this be entered in the “Best promotion of an economic evaluation undertaken by a related party of the entering organisation”?

Go Asheen said:

Told you it was a cracker.

martha said:

be awesome if Australia was winning for real clients, rather than pro bono. lets be hones,t its much easier. Must for costing agencies a fortune just to win awards....

Real said:

Perhaps Cannes should create a category called 'Work the general public has actually seen'. Even as an ad person you only ever see this work on ad sites, never in the public arena. Lovely ideas created to win awards.

@Real said:

know what you mean, but i think it's now more than ever a sign of the times in advertising. how much great work really gets made on real clients anymore? creatives like to be creative, and if all they ever get to make is board room pleasing manifesto yawn fests, the good talent won't stick around. it's not rewarding enough. so i say let the little scams happen and award fest continue. because the crappy pay, ungrateful clients, long hours and unstable nature of the job aren't worth it.

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