Ex-DDBer launches crowdfunding campaign to produce designer scarves for cancer warriors

Bravery_Shot_EMILYSOMERS (1).jpgEmily Somers (left), 2 x cancer survivor, Frankie Good Stuff Award Winner (Small business and People's Choice), ex-DDBer and founder of Bravery Co. has collaborated with a range of top notch illustrators to produce Australia's first range of designer headscarves for young cancer warriors. She is now crowdfunding $40,000 to produce the scarves and donate one to all the young women in their 20's and 30's kicking cancer's ass at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. The bright, colourful and bold silk scarves are perfect for all scarf lovers - as well as cancer haters. You can help by ordering yours today.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.33.31 am.jpgScreen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.33.40 am.jpgSays Somers: "I've had cancer twice. Losing your hair is an incredibly traumatic experience, and on top of that, the only cancer headwear companies are super daggy. All the hats and scarves scream 'cancer patient' and are aimed at a much older lady. I created this crowdfunder to produce the headscarves I wish I had when I had cancer.

"I taught myself how to tie the turban and I suddenly felt more like myself. I stopped getting pity stares and started to get compliments on my scarves. That was when Bravery Co. was born. It's this confidence and bravery that I want to pass onto others going through a similar ordeal. I want to change the way cancer patients areScreen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.34.05 am.jpg represented - from weak victims to strong, brave and con dent warriors."

Bravery Co. has collaborated with some incredibly talented illustrators to create the scarves. Beci Orpin, Luci Everett, Marylou Faure, Amber Somerset, Kate Darmody and Sacha Kreeger have all generously contributed a design for the range.Bravery_Shot_EMILYSOMERS3.jpg They're each bright and bold and have a message about showing cancer who's boss.

Says Luci Everett on her scarf design featuring Australian native flowers: "The overriding feeling of this scarf being strength, resilience, with a bold, colourful, positive palette."

Says Amber Somerset on her more spiritual design: "I want the wearer to know they're wearing a little piece of someone else's spirit, support, love and care. Know that the person who designed your scarf wants you to heal. Young adults can be a forgotten demographic in the cancer world so I want to give something back and through the success of this crowdfunding campaign, I can press print on the scarves and start making this happen."

Crowdfunding allows many small donations to be collected towards a large, concrete goal - in Somers' case, reaching the minimum order quantity to produce scarves at a cost affordable to everyone. Campaigns on the site ING Dreamstarter in collaboration with StartSomeGood.com are all aimed at creating positive change.

Design Images (L-R): Beci Orpin, Marylou Faure, Luci Everett, Amber Somerset, Sacha Kreeger, Kate Darmody, and Emily Somers x 3

Last image: Emily Somers and Jo Hext

Photographer: Haydn Cattach


Mands said:

Go you good thing! Love your work Em and such gorge designs.

qt3.14 said:


THIS said:

is amazing.

Jumping on board.... NOW!

Foreverhopeful said:

Surely the mention of DDB is worth a 10K donation from them.... One less night out in Cannes for the management team should cover it.

Azzy said:

Amazing stuff.

Papa Stevo will totally rock one of these.


Why? said:

Why mention DDB?
The idea is fantastic.
Emily Somers is fantastic.
The design contributors are generous and talented.
DDB deserves no credit at all.

Joe said:

This is great, Em. 👍

Rich, Clems said:

I'm in.

Psembi said:

Give us your bloody money! Brilliant idea Em. x

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