Home and Away's Ray Meagher is a mall cop on a mission in Optus' latest campaign via Emotive

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.45.29 am.jpgTo promote the launch of its new Optus Prepaid Epic plans, Optus has recruited well-known Australian actor Ray Meagher, transforming his curmudgeonly Home and Away character Alf Stewart into Ray Coptus, a local mall cop who takes it upon himself to make sure everyday Aussies are getting the best deal on their prepaid mobile plans. The campaign has been created by Emotive, Optus' creative content agency.

Inspired by popular Hollywood film Paul Blart: Mall Cop, a comedy about a security guard who takes his job very seriously, the humorous online video features Ray, who is miffed that sometimes Australians pay more for things than they should. Ray has Australia's back and is on a mission to spread the word about the new Optus Prepaid Epic Data plan. In the video, he randomly accosts members of the public to compel them to switch to Optus Prepaid.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 9.46.49 am.jpgSays Ben White, managing director of marketing and product, Optus: "Optus' Epic Prepaid plans are designed for thrifty Aussies seeking generous data allowances, unlimited calls and text, additional data to stream content from Netflix, Stan or ABC iview, and no lock in contract - all at a great price.

"We think Ray Coptus and his matter-of-fact manner best delivers this message and speaks directly to customers who need these plans the most."

The documentary-style video was filmed at the Manly Corso, a busy pedestrian mall north of Sydney, where Meagher surprised unwitting shoppers while the cameras captured their genuine reactions.

With his comedic timing and satirical nature flowing from on-screen to off, the real-life Meagher quipped he decided to work with Optus mainly because his schedule allowed it.

Says Meagher: "When Optus approached me, I said 'yes' because I had nothing else on, to be honest. The people were nice and by and large it's been a very pleasant experience."

In a happy coincidence, Meagher said he's a big fan of Optus and has been a customer of the telecommunications company for 24 years.

Says Meagher: "I'm a creature of habit. When I knew nothing about phones, Optus helped me purchase a Nokia back in 1994 and they've always helped me when I've needed it.

Creative & Production: Emotive
Founder/Strategy Lead: Simon Joyce
Business Director: Alison Mitchell
Writer & Director: Gary Eck
Senior Producers: Tom Pearce & Natalie Dagher
DOP: Evan Papageorgiou
Editors: Romain Mongin & Sam Gadsden
Sound Design: Rumble Studios


A Steyne on Advertising said:


Yeah, Nah. said:

LOL. I laughed at how bad this was. Is that a win?

Coptus interuptus said:

Make. It. Stop.

HEY! said:

So what about quality, you guys are missing the point, it's about selling a product not swinging your dick about 'Oooo aren't I creative'.

Nobody cares about your creative mush, only price and then product.

Flamin Galah said:

I like the campaign Ray did with WiTH Collective, but he is selling out now - flaming idiot!



Gross said:

The 90s called. They was their jokes back.

Just kidding, even the 90s are ashamed of slapstick like this.

Oh NO said:

He should have stayed at home and away from this garbage

@Hey! said:

People like you are ruining this industry.

@@Hey said:

I don't think he's in the industry.

@@@Hey said:

People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

Roto said:

not sure about this campaign at all...

woo said:

It's almost as if Emotive just open up their book of celebrities, see who's around and then write a shit ad around them.

OMG said:

Literally the worst thing to cross these hallowed pages, and that is saying something as 99% is utter tripe.

Yuck said:

Hey advertising, meet my friend CONTENT.

Emma said:

makes me think the ricky gervais thing was a fluke

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