Interrogate director Ash Bolland's Nintendo Switch campaign finds YouTube fame

ASH BOLLAND Play Together 1.jpgInterrogate director Ash Bolland's 'Nintendo Switch 'Play Together Anytime, Anywhere' summer campaign, via Leo Burnett Chicago, has just been listed on YouTube's latest monthly Leaderboard, showcasing the most popular ads on its platform.
The campaign, which has rocketed to an impressive 1.6 million plus views, is a fast-paced demonstration of the Nintendo Switch's versatility and sociability for gamers, enjoying the best of Nintendo's beloved titles with family or friends at the beach, on the road, on a plane - anytime, anywhere.  
ASH BOLLAND Play Together 2.jpgFar from the first time Bolland has collaborated with the iconic global brand, the director was also behind Nintendo E3 spot 'Switch On Your Fire' and last year's Nintendo 'Switch - SuperBowl' commercial, airing during the big game. It marked Nintendo's debut appearanceASH BOLLAND Swith Fire 1.jpg during SuperBowl's coveted airtime and also saw emerging band Imagine Dragons thrust into the international spotlight when their track went viral following the campaign's release.
Previous to this, Bolland worked directly with Nintendo in Seattle and Japan on the 2016 launch campaign ofASH BOLLAND Switch Fire 2.jpg Nintendo Switch. The work was lauded by US comic Jimmy Fallon as "the ad he watched a million times" when he introduced the new game on The Tonight Show. The spot has since racked up a staggering 36 million hits and counting on YouTube.
To view the 'First LookASH BOLLAND Switch Fire 3.jpg at Nintendo Switch' campaign click here.
Of his long-standing partnership with Nintendo, Bolland says: "It's been a really lovely collaborative process working with the brand itself and with the agency teams. From the idea's genesis and scriptwriting through to shooting, over the past few years the entire process has allowed us to develop a fresh new direction.
"Before I came on board, Nintendo was traditionally targeting a younger audience. Over the years we've worked hard to establish and define an updated identity with broader appeal, one more authentic and grounded. I'm pleased to say it has been really well received by gamers, an audience who can be quite tribal and discerning. Getting this tonally right was extremely important to us.
"At this stage of my career, I enjoy working closely with creatives to develop the tone for a piece as a collective process. Rather than acting solo to create, I feel it's important not to work in a vacuum. Our medium thrives on collaboration."
Says Tara Riddell, executive producer, Interrogate: "For a director to be working globally on such a prolific brand has been a real achievement - it's quite rare that a brand will work alongside the one director for so long. As a company, we are focusing more on developing narrative-driven content for our clients. We have some exciting long form being released later this year across theatrical and web view. Ash certainly helps bolster this approach with his extensive experience."
To view Ash Bolland's latest reel click here.

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