Luscious, Australian National Maritime Museum and Avatar Alliance Foundation team up to create 'James Cameron - Challenging The Deep'

33059690_1646916978678192_7603061500923609088_o.jpgSydney Production Company, Luscious International, was recently appointed to create the cinematic multimedia component of the Australian National Maritime Museum's new immersive exhibition about deep-sea explorer and filmmaker James Cameron.

The exhibition integrates cinema-scale projection, sound, dynamic lighting and object theatre to create a single environmental experience unique to the museum.

33806417_1653745644661992_3116280192390135808_n.jpgThe exhibition premiered on May 28 with Cameron in attendance, and continues at the museum until January 30, 2019. This major new immersive exhibition traces Cameron's lifelong pursuit of and achievements in deep ocean science, technology and exploration including his record-breaking dives in the Deepsea34140966_1658345374202019_5193485067187388416_o.jpeg Challenger.

Relying on existing footage from Cameron and working in close collaboration with Avatar Alliance Foundation design director Kim Butts, Luscious International created and produced five cinema projections for the exhibition. Carrying visitors into an underwater world of discovery, information and entertainment. The exhibition tells the story of the dives, the technological innovations, discovery, exploration, science, imagination, and people behind James Cameron's 30 year underwater career.

The journey through the immersive cinematic exhibition space has been designed by Luscious in collaboration with the Australian National Maritime Museum. Creating a theatrical audio, lighting and emotionally immersive experience, which evokes the feeling of the world beneath the ocean.

Says Richard Gibson, writer/director, Luscious: "We wanted to create exhibition multi-media that was perfectly in-sync. From the physical layout of the projectors to the sound and lighting choreography, the multi-media component is controlled in synchronicity with the five cinema projections."

The museum's objective was to immerse visitors into Cameron's exploration of the ocean depths and share his discoveries with its visitors. Lighting, interactive 3D touch screen, narration, sound design and music were created, designed and built by the Luscious team working with the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Avatar Alliance Foundation to deliver a unique museum experience.

The exhibition brings together modern museology, combining the power of the artefact with the thrill of big screen immersive cinema to deliver this exciting story of one man's achievements in deep-sea exploration.

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