Mars Bar unveils new 'Enough Chocolate to Deal With Anything' campaign via Clems Melbourne

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.21.36 am.jpgMars Bar Australia and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have today launched a new brand platform for the iconic chocolate bar, 'Enough Chocolate to Deal with Anything'.

Representing a shift away from positioning Mars Bar as something that provides energy, the new platform aims to showcase how the chocolate bar can provide Australians with the confidence they need to overcome even the most awkward situations.

To rise above anything that may come your way, the campaign tackles some of life's most awkward and dumbstruck encounters with tongue-in-cheek comedy, by overcoming these moments with the well-loved familiarity and boldness of the iconic Mars Bar.

The launch TVC plays on a live portait drawing class which quickly takes an uncomfortable turn for one innocent artist, as he quickly realizes the naked model that's just taken her place is none other than his mother. Despite the look of terror on the son's face, he completes the drawing thanks to his Mars Bar.

Says Suzanne Morrison, marketing director, Mars Chocolate Australia: "The new platform helps us refresh the Mars brand and make a statement that is big and bold like the Mars bar itself, and importantly, add some of that Australian humour that we all know and love.

"We're looking forward to exploring where we can take 'Enough Chocolate to Deal with Anything' and continue rolling out comms for years to come."

Says Stephen de Wolf, executive creative director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: "A Mars Bar is a big, bold chocolate bar and our new positioning, 'Enough Chocolate to Deal with Anything', reminds us of that, by serving it up as the solution to some of life's more awkward moments. The platform not only provides stronger relevance to the Australian market, but also offers universal appeal."

The new brand platform will launch through 15' second TVC's, 6' bumpers, OOH, social, digital as well as a roll out of activations over the coming months.


Human said:

Funny, Nice. Well done.

Before you get too carried away... said:

Very strange strategy. It misdescribes the charms of a Mars bar.

Before you laud this spot, think about what it's saying.

Phil said:

Spoiled by the cut cack to mum saying 'it's very good'. Much better without it.

Like said:

Simple, fun, honestly performed. I can see this being the start of a great series. It has legs and it's about time we had more campaign thinking out there in the adland woods. Bravo.

Not sure said:

It doesn't ring-true for me. 'You're not you when you're hungry' has a truth behind it blokes can relate to. That's why it works. After seeing your mum naked, I think a drink is what you'd be reaching for, not a chocolate bar.

You can't write ads when you're hungry... said:

Wierd. And not in a good way. What's next, the altar boy and the priest?

Stu said:

Is this the campaign/strategy/consultancy that Clems had to work with after failing to get any traction on the work they were producing themselves?

Misses the mark said:

This feels like an AWARD School TVC campaign taking shape here. Massive strategy fail.

knock knock.....who's there? said:

no credits.

What has happened to Clems? said:

What a fall from grace. Not generous, not that funny. Somethings not right.

hohum said:

Pretty standard aussie skit comedy stuff here. Where's the credits?

Don't see the mars connection to be honest. Eat mars so you can endure more family nudity?

Creakingly Old Joke said:

Jesus is addressing the multitude:

JESUS: Let they that is without sin cast the first stone.

An old hag in the crowd steps forward and throws a rock which smites Jesus hard and heavy on his forehead.

JESUS: Jesus Christ mum, you really shit me sometimes.

And I agree with @Before you get too carried away...

An insightful point.

Good work vs. Great work... said:

Good work delivers a nod of the head, a click through, a wry smile..
Great work, sparks conversation and both lovers or haters..

average work vs dire work said:

Average work normally has credits
Dire work does not

Say what said:

Are we fat shaming mothers now? New low. Surely there was a better idea than making a mother the source of disgust and ridicule?

Think harder said:

Less drinking, more thinking please.

diabetic said:

Yay, if your troubled eat chocolate. thats how we ended up with a fat country of sick people. Didn't need the lines either. much more powerful without.

@Saywhat said:

I don't think this spot had anything to do with the mother's appearance. The point is that seeing your mother naked in front of a room full of people (regardless of her weight) is uncomfortable.

Philip Taffs said:

Good ad for paintbrushes

Prince Adu said:

In a market with a lot chocolate products I think this statement is striking and leaves room for a lot of exciting executions. Lets not forget that dark chocolate has been scientifically proven to make people cheerful. so the bar helping you to subdue every bad situation is some human truth. I can't wait to see the break up ad that will come from this BIG Idea.

Made Me Laugh said:

Why so serious? People will laugh and buy chocolate. Job done.

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