Misha McDonald's Cannes Diary #1

MISHA (2).jpgMisha McDonald (left), creative director at TBWA\Sydney is representing Australia on the Cannes Outdoor Lions jury. McDonald, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.

It's war!

Burger wars.
Cola wars.
Coffee wars.
Even Lego and Play-Doh have turned the playground into a battlefield fighting for the Lions.
But generally, everyone's fighting the good fight - trying to make the world a better place one category at a time...
Fighting for gender equality.
Fighting for marriage equality.
It's all good.

But man, The 'Burger Wars' are awesome this year.
The fast food brawl has never been so fun to watch...
Ronald and the The King are at it - and this year the gloves are off!
Who's going to win? Too early to say.
I'd say Ronald is in a bit of a pickle.
The King is giving him a good grilling.
But fuck me, here comes the Colonel giving them both a good battering.
I'm lovin it.

'Outdoor' so far has been outstanding...
Stoked to be here with a Jury of 10 legendary people from around the globe spending all day indoors talking about what's outdoors.

Nice one D-Lo ;)



Old Friend said:

Mi$ha MK 3,650. Looking good my man!

Hungry said:

Any pies? Nice one Mish

FB said:

Fight for your right..To party!!!!

Not Brailey said:

The best.

Blair Topen said:

Brother B, MR Mac rocks it good

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