Misha McDonald's Cannes Diary #3

SEAN PENN.jpgMisha McDonald (left), creative director at TBWA\Sydney is representing Australia on the Cannes Outdoor Lions jury. McDonald, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.

Hanging with Sean Penn*

*Not really Sean Penn.
It's Colin from Alt.
He gets it a lot.
In fact, when he passed-out here at the Carlton last year he woke up with strangers lining-up taking selfies with him.

Segue alert!
Just like ole mate Colin looks hella close to another legend, our Jury is seeing a lot of work that looks very similar to other work in the same categories.
NOTHING to do with plagiarism here - just the fact that ideas from around the globe can sometimes land in the same place...
This is where it's really down to 'who did it best'?

Also, iconic city landmarks and monuments have become the new canvas:
Think Venus de Milo with robotic arms.
Think famous statues with Kiss makeup.
Think Dublin bridge becoming an interactive harp.
Think New York subways becoming art galleries.

Wait! Gotta go join Colin!

He just got a free bottle of 180 Euro Carlton 'grape juice' - compliments of some adoring fans sitting at the other table.



Girlinwhitejacketandreflectoglasses said:

The most enjoyable diaries from Cannes I’ve read in years. Go Misha 👊

Vega said:

A jury member having fun and not trying to be a pretentious wanker. Good stuff Mi$#@!
Love ya work!

hungry said:

any pies yet?

yo dawg said:

Yo so dope dawg, and realz funny yo.

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