New payments app Beem It launches its first national brand campaign via WiTH Collective

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.18.30 am.jpgInstant payments app Beem It has launched its first national brand campaign today via WiTH Collective, ushering in a new way to pay, request and split a bill with friends and family.

Built on the insight that money can get in the way of a good time between mates, Beem It's mission is to help Aussies avoid awkward conversations, and ensure important life moments are never interrupted or complicated by money.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.17.37 am.jpg
The first joint venture between Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac, Beem It unveils the next generation of mobile payments in Australia, enabling free and instant payments for consumers with anRequest_preview.jpg Aussie debit Mastercard or Visa, regardless of who they bank with.

Through a combination of digital, social media, OOH, including station domination at Town Hall and Melbourne Central stations, cinema and PR, the new brand campaign, utilising Aria Award Winning Song Chameleon bySplit_preview.jpg Australian dance group Pnau, will initially target Millennials and mirrors their social behaviour by highlighting fun moments between mates. The creative pulls in
the app's user experience to bring this to life in a clever and irreverent way.

Brand ambassador, Cameron Robbie, leads the earned media push as well as create made-for-social content to inspire an online audience.

Says Andrew Campbell, head of marketing and communications, Beem It: "We all love sharing experiences, and while money enables those moments, settling the bill between mates can get in the way of a good time. That's where Beem It can help - by taking money out of those moments and making it simpler and easier for people to pay one another, instantly.

"The creative campaign captures those uninterrupted life moments and brings to life the essence and experience of the app in a vibrant and fun way. We couldn't do this without the use of a strong memorable track and we are thrilled that we could support local talent."
The campaign has been developed in partnership with creative agency WiTH Collective, media agency Ikon Communications, social agency We Are Social and PR agency One Green Bean.

Beem It, Head of Marketing & Communications - Andrew Campbell
Beem It, CX Marketing Director - Sharon Sterne
Beem It, PR & Social Media Director - Louisa Galligani
Creative Agency - WiTH Collective
Media Agency - Ikon Communications
Social Agency - We Are Social
Earned Media / PR Agency - One Green Bean


Intended audience said:

Yeah, that 360p Youtube video really screams "innovation".

WITHout said:

Where's the shit emoji when you need it?

Sarah said:

love the branding!

beeming said:

I have a beeming smile after watching this. Looking forward to using the app!

Bruce said:

I like the insight. Always found it awkward needing chase friends for money. Good idea

please... said:

stop direct marketing agencies from making brand ads...especially if they look they this.

@sarah said:

I agree! If you know the Fiverr or intern who created it please let me know.

Not impressed said:

Why? Avoiding awkward conversations! What crap. It would be like a G7 meeting where what was agreed face to face changes once backs are turned. It’s a very weak value prop.

Juz said:

Nailed it again WiTHers. You guys are KILLING it! Like this is soooooo good.

PS No credits?

Steven said:

Amazin work. Just downloaded the app

Dear WiTHers said:

Your comments would come across as more genuine and less management-directed if you didn't make clunky "Nailed it again WiTHers. You guys are KILLING it! Like this is soooooo good" or "I have a beeming smile after watching this. Looking forward to using the app!" Tone down the froth for a bit more credibility.

Anne Dilark said:


@Dear WiTHers said:

I think you’re missing the joke here. Do you know who “Juz” is...?

Tanawat Sathapanasethe said:

Downloaded the app and it keeps crashing alot of bugs

Shahid said:

Room for Improvement

Pnau + Getty video template = said:

another average day at Averageville

Beemer said:

Like the name, not sure about the creative, the idea is great though - really love the work

. said:

Who is Cameron Robbie?

Great said:

Landing page -

Really well designed and structured, summarises the app in 5 seconds. Great work Collective!

Calvin said:

The app is good in practice, fast to set up however lacking in UI and accessibility features. For example, there are no buttons to progress in the application, everything is within the keyboard. The home page does not make it clear swiping left and right activate the two buttons at the top and navigate to them. The expected behaviour is to change between the tabs. Transactions do not have any details when you look at your bank statement, you have to use the beem it app to see the description and sender, it comes up as an EFTPOS Refund (on ING). Profiles pictures cannot be rotated or cropped.

@Great said:

WiTH didn’t build it, so....

Where is said:

The credit list? One of my favorite things about Campaign Brief is that we can see the individuals who worked on these kinds of ideas. Disappointing that these were left out for this article.

Terrible said:

Lost me at the insight. Money can get in the way of a good time between mates? Really? Fail for me.

@calvin said:

Think you've confused CB with the app store buddy. Here we review the advertising / conceptual work, which in this case is really piss poor. Not surprising that no one from the agencies wanted to put their names to it. Here's hoping it was mostly client driven.

@@great said:

who built it? and why weren't they credited for the great work in the credits?

Love It Beem It said:

Love the detail colour and thoughtful captions. Hopefully an award for you guys. Cheers

@@@great said:

Who knows. Overlord "Juz" doesn't like to credit the staff that work for him apparently. That's quite evident in most WiTH articles on Campaign Brief.

Moneynerd said:

What a poor ad, seems like a waste of money. I have barely seen this product promoted across the consumer finance/comparison sites. If they are looking to sign up users the strategy would be to get the early adopter “money nerds” on board and they will refer their friends.

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