Plush appoints M&C Saatchi Melbourne and Bohemia Melbourne in a full-service capacity

oasis_1_lifestyle_images_2100x1050px (1).jpgBohemia and M&C Saatchi have been appointed by Australian sofa specialist, Plush, in a full-service capacity following a competitive pitch.

The appointment will see Bohemia and M&C Saatchi provide Plush with brand strategy, creative and all media. The business, worth $7 million, will be serviced from the agency's Melbourne offices with Plush joining Racing Victoria and Harris Scarfe on Bohemia Melbourne's fast-expanding client roster.
Bohemia and Plush have previously worked together, however, Plush relocated its support office to Victoria in 2014 before Bohemia opened its Melbourne office in late 2017.

Says Wes Kerr, chief marketing officer, Plush: "I'm excited to reignite our relationship with Bohemia and to have M&C Saatchi come to the party as well. We were suitably impressed when the team proposed this integrated offering during the pitch process and I can't wait to get to work with them again."

Says Sam Westaway, media director, Bohemia Melbourne: "This is a very special win for Bohemia and M&C Saatchi. We are really looking forward to the partnership and developing the new brand platform. It's clear our unique offering is resonating with Melbourne marketers."

Says Andy Cairns, MD, M&C Saatchi Melbourne: "Plush has a proud history of innovation and disruption which is exactly the kind of work that excites us. This appointment is testament to the power of our combined creative and media team. Sam and I are thrilled."


Ring out the bell said:

If at first (second, third, forth, fifth.......) you don't succeed. Try, try, try, try, try, try again.

Nice one Melbs! A win on the cards!

Did you just... said:

Did you just PR you won a sofa company?

@ Did you just... said:

Not just any sofa company, a sofa company notorious for swapping and changing agencies/suppliers

Desperate said:

Is this just silly.

They're back! said:

No they're not.... 2002 seems eons ago doesn't it?

Still, perhaps this will stave off Leggett shutting them down for another year?

Too funny said:

I think M&C's last remnant of being cool in any way just left the building

Sexy said:

M&C is now the Dad jeans of agencies

Maaaaahahahahahahahah & C said:

Riding on the coat tails of media is still a way in....Good to know.

Very excited to see these catalogues come to life though. Nobody does mediocrity like M&C. Should be plenty of grey in there. I love grey!

Maurice would be proud said:

Not on this one I suspect.

Jees said:

A lot of pretty pathetic comments here.

A new business win is just that, new business. It's what pays your wages.

I know work is tight, and that means any chance you get to discredit/slag off your competitor has to be taken, but if you're going to criticise, pick something that's actually a negative eh.

Now get back to working on the uber cool clients you all have bag loads of! ha!

Money said:

Everyone knows they place new business as their first, second and third priority. That's what people don't respect.

You tell em Jess! said:

A win is a win..ding-a-ling-ling

You're right Jees said:

Jees is right...why all the hate for Melbourne? I thought everyone loved a trier? They're like a kid who's been trying to fish a timtam out of a cookie out of a jar for ages and finally managed to pull out one, but it's turned out to be shortbread.

Let's all congratulate them on a legit win. The competition would no doubt have been very stiff.

@ Jess from New Business said:

Jess you fail to see why this is scary

Plush = product and price client -
they won’t value creative, strategy, insight, production value.. A client doesn’t need to be cool…They have to require the basics needs of an agency.

So that the industry keeps creating sustainable and sometimes good work.

Nothing wrong with Plush, people need a place to sit their ass, budgets are tight, bills need to be paid..
BUT everyone here knows the media buyers are the only ones who win in this case.

Saatchi should keep this sort of thing quiet.. if this is what Melbourne is coming to we are all screwed.

Lets keep racing to the bottom!

Wow said:

Did not expect such a comments section dumpster fire on such a mundane post. Great work everyone.

@@Jess form new business said:

Interested to know how you have such informed insight on Plush?

Have you worked for them before? Are you privy to their strategy for the next 12 months.

How do you know what they value or dont?

Fact is, this is a business, not a wank rag for every doe eyed creative.

You talk about sustainability ?? Seriously, how sustainable to you think your business model would be if it was led by someone chasing justification of their own talent and nothing else?

Totally deluded.

Well done these guys for winning new work, keeping people in jobs, their mortgages paid and families fed.,

If you want to be an artist, then fuck off and do art. (not my line)

Hmmm said:

“every doe eyed creative”

It’s obvious which comments on this thread come from M&C.

You can feel the contempt for creative people.

It's a win for Boho said:

Agree with the earlier comment that this is a great win for Boho. Nice of them to drag the M&C along for the ride.

There's a reason we haven't heard from M&C Melbourne in well over 10 years and although that's a little sad, good on them for keeping their heads above water. Their legs must be getting pretty tired though.

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