Protein Supplies Australia appoints Studio Culture as its new digital agency partner

logo-Retina_400x.jpgProtein Supplies Australia has appointed digital marketing agency Studio Culture to facilitate the next step in its business journey. The creative agency will provide a range of services to boost the online presence of the PSA brand, including social media marketing, SEO, SEM and email marketing, among other strategies.

Protein Supplies Australia was founded in 2011 with a specific vision - to provide clean, high-quality supplements for health-conscious consumers. The business has gone from strength to strength, growing from a garage operation to a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of sports nutrition products.
The product range of Protein Supplies Australia includes options to suit vegan and paleo diets, as well as more traditional dairy proteins. There are a wide selection of performance supplements available, including pre-workout powders, amino acids, l-glutamine and natural hydration products.

Protein Supplies Australia founder Mat Stillone has always operated his business with integrity and transparency as guiding principles. He believes all consumers should be able to trust that the products they buy are safe, clean and contain exactly what they say on the label.

Says Stillone: "We want to be able to inform, educate and excite consumers about better nutritional practices. We're looking to build a tribe of followers who share our passion for healthy, natural supplementation, and we're very confident that Studio Culture can support us in this aim."

Stillone has diversified into a number of other health food ventures, including Integrity Food Co and Botanika Blends. He was awarded by Business News Australia as Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Wholesaling, Manufacturing and Distribution in both 2015 and 2016.

Studio Culture has commenced work on new online strategies for Protein Supplies Australia. The agency's managing director Joe Fox is excited at the prospect of working with a brand that is so popular with its loyal customers.

Says Fox: "We're honoured to be onboard with Protein Supplies Australia. Mat has worked hard to create an outstanding product range and culture, and we look forward to building the online strategies of the company. You can expect to see a range of digital initiatives in place very soon."

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