Rapid director Dave Klaiber defies definition in latest Jaguar campaign via Spark44 Sydney

JAGUAR.jpgIntroducing the Jaguar brand to a new generation of luxury car enthusiasts, Rapid director Dave Klaiber is behind 'Jaguar Roar Your Way', the recently released campaign from agency Spark44 Sydney.

Creating a series of unconventional films that push the boundaries of art, fashion and cinematography, Klaiber collaborated with cinematographer Tim Tregonning to help establish an updated personality for the auto brand that departs from the more classic Jaguar style to one that challenges the stereotypes of who a Jaguar driver truly is.

JAGUAR 2.jpgPulling together a crew of specialist artists, including renowned photographer Hugh Stewart and fashion stylist Kelvin Harries, Klaiber's approach was to create a visuallyJAGUAR 3.jpg enchanting narrative to combine the movement of the car, the camera and the talent in to one choreographed dance.

Says Klaiber: "This campaign is about progressive style; it's about a visual look, effortless fashion, true performance and slickJAGUAR 4.jpg movement. And, most importantly, it's about creating something that defies definition and that sits beyond traditional advertising as we know it."

Says Susannah Phillips, executive producer, Rapid: "Casting authentic and edgy characters and some unlikely backseat heroes, juxtaposed with timeless location backdrops, and a pulsing soundtrack, Dave has smartly captured the progressive nature of the Jaguar brand."

Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Campaign Title: Jaguar Unleashed Event

Agency: Spark44
Managing Director: Jasmin Bedir
Strategy Director - Monica Valente
Digital Business Director - Vanessa Lopes
Senior Account Manager: Daniel Larcombe
Business Director: Daniel Bevins
Creative Director: Matt Johnson
Art Director: Laura Brown
Copywriter: Tom Bradbeer
Producer: Rachel Smith

Production Company: Rapid Films
Director: Dave Klaiber
Executive Producer: Susannah Phillips
Executive Producer: Abby Hunt
Line Producer: Miss Lizzie Topen
Cinematographer: Tim Tregonning

Editor: Michael Houlahan  - The Institute of TV
Online: Hugh Seville

Music: Neil McLennan & Gus Till
Sound Designer: Timothy Bridge
Sonar Executive Producer: Sophie Haydon
Sound Post Production: Sonar Music


Unexpected said:

Not what I expected to watch just then. Well done all around. Very clever spots

Creative Angle said:

A great series, well thought out, beautiful production values, tipped the brand on its head , well done team.

Coombe said:

Love the creative, great outside the square concepts, the first car add for a long time that is positioning a car in a new market, now watch the others follow.

Adam deans said:

Beautifully shot. Cars look insane!

I don’t even have to recommend these cars to my most discerning clients anymore all I do is show them these adverts. You’ve made my job easier! Great job!

Kitty said:

So good to watch a beautifully shot car add that doesn’t rely on those old tropes of ‘car driving along mountain road’ or ‘soccer Mum makes other soccer mums jealous at school pick up’. And, let’s be honest, wasn’t expecting a progressive ad from a company that I always thought of as traditional and stuffy like Jaguar! Could I... actually want one of these cars now? Yes, I think I could....

Olivia said:

It’s really impressive to see old brands thinking in new ways. The ad is a beautiful pi very of work and has really made me think about Jaguar in a different way. Fantastic!

ffx said:

@campaignbrief - what's up with these comments? Astroturfing at it's worst

obvious said:

Man, these positive comments are so obviously fake.

'has really made me think about Jaguar in a different way'

Jesus! That is laughable. Whoever you are, stop it, you are making the agency look bad.

Nice work rapid said:

Nice work Dave and Sus!

pugwash said:

3 sounds credits for a single rev sound and VO? the music did all the work, nice to see an aussie client doing anything original outside of a ukelele or some licensed pop slop for a change....

Slinky W said:

Gus Till did the music. The only good part of this campaign.

Wait, these ads are good? said:

Am I so out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong...

Vince Osmond said:

I really like this.

TJ said:

This is all a bit of fun! Great music

Ol pal said:

Really nice work davo.

Very different for you. I'm impressed keep it coming.

Way better than all the other car shit out there. Love the music

Great looking said:

With absolutely no idea.

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