Rosie Stone + Tristan Viney's Cannes Diary #1

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.14.40 pm.jpgRosie Stone, a copywriter at LOUD and Tristan Viney, creative director at Eardrum are competing in the Digital category of the Cannes Young Lions competition. Here, the pair report exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Long flight, we were tired, weather wonderful, Cannes very pretty, yada yada yada. Let's get to the good stuff.

First talk of the day was David Droga's "I'm not sure I'm right but who is". What a start. David spent about 45 mins talking about his career and the importance of choosing jobs that inspire you rather than taking the ones that offer you the most security. It was a wonderful mix of honest advice, interesting anecdotes and commentary on the industry. Memorable quotes include "Good intentions, talent and ethics can power through anything" and "I left the agency with a Persian rug and my freedom". Tres Aladin.
Next up was Goodby Silverstein and Michael Wolff discussing "Fire and Fury: the new normal?" It was an interesting conversation touching on Michael's experience within the White House as well as trumps affect on the media. He talked about Trump's sales technique of extreme flattery, the way his presidency has turned us all into news junkies and the difficulty of trying to apply rational political analysis to a man who has no concept of cause and effect

After that was "The Rise of Hackvertising" with Burger King and DAVID The Agency. Honestly, this was the most joyful client relationship I have ever seen. They seemed like honest to god bros. If your still reading this, please stop and go find the talk video.

Throw in a crepe, a few more talks, this frosè icypole thing and a quick swim and we were off to the CB welcome drinks (cheers guys!) to meet and drink with our fellow Aussies. The rosè was chilled, the people were super friendly, 10/10 party. Off to Day 2 now and getting our brief this evening. Fingers crossed.


Chingy said:

Rosé Stone - love it. Have a great time, you legend.

leisai said:

@Chingy best. nickname. ever.

Hope you kids are killing it over there.

Frosè @chingy @leisai said:

Haha thanks m8s!

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