Sarsha Drakeford + Sylvia Humphries Diary #2

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.00.43 pm.jpgSarsha Drakeford, art director and Sylvia Humphries, junior copywriter at DDB NZ are competing in the Film category of the Cannes Young Lions competition. Here, the pair report exclusively for Campaign Brief.

The official festival has begun and you have to search to see the sand because Spotify, Facebook, Google and Pinterest have all kicked the sandcastles aside to mark their claim on the shore.
Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.00.56 pm.jpgBut that's all a blur to us as we career down the Croisette like the ad nerdy, antipodean tourists we so blatantly are, to catch Dave Droga's opening session 'I'm not sure I'm right, but who is?'
The man who credits his antipodean childhood for his drive talked to us about his life changing moments - exchanging his agency shares for a Persian rug and saying said no to pornography.
Pornographic distributing clients, that is.
Talking of clients, at The rise of hacktervising BK talk, the BK client proudly shared the stage with the creatives.
A client, that was even more excited than the creatives to be presenting the work, and from the camaraderie on that stage it seemed like a client relationship of fairytales.
With a severe case of 100% client envy simmering in our veins, we took ourselves off to a rather stilted Death of Masculinity talk, where the panelists struggled to think of an ad that represents the change in 'masculinity' outside 'fatherhood' ads and that one Axe commercial.
Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.01.06 pm.jpgWe just manage to stop ourselves running up to play the latest 'Speights ad'. And the awkwardness of the whole talk becomes the go-to topic with everyone we meet later at the Campaign Brief drinks and DDB network event.
After initially being disappointed our competition has been pushed out, all is now not looking so bad. It's given us the opportunity to meet a surprising amount of ex-Young Lions whose advise ranges wildly from 'don't sleep' to 'see if you come up with something while relaxing on the beach.'
We're not sure whose right, but who is?
At 10 we will determine what path to take.
Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.01.16 pm.jpgThings we've learnt so far day 2:
  1. Akon is alive and at Cannes, as a bitcoin mogul..
  2. If you're ever presenting to a jury, they want and expect to see your work again. Despite the officials calling it a 'waste' of the allotted time.
  3. Strangers take to you approaching them much more enthusiastically when they realise you're not looking for a job.
  4. Our famed skills for throwing balls into cups of Lion Red are not required at the parties here. Instead picking through buffets, getting the best shot of the fireworks and subjecting your ears to thumping drum and bass are the activities of choice.

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