Sarsha Drakeford + Sylvia Humphries Diary #3

20180622_082253 (1).jpgSarsha Drakeford (right), art director and Sylvia Humphries (left), junior copywriter at DDB NZ competed in the Film category of the Cannes Young Lions competition. Here, the pair report exclusively for Campaign Brief.

Cannes Lions should be moved to the bleakest estate in an old eastern bloc country.
At least the Young Lion's competition should and, from what we've read, the judging also. That way people can be flown to Cannes after as reward, rather than having it outside your door as the always present tantalising other. For surely there's nothing quite so cruel as having to lock yourself away in a dingy cubicle in a city that experiences sun 300 days a year (*taxi driver fact), while Travis Scott and The Killers serenade Spotify beach.
20180620_084211 (1).jpgYes, the long delayed Young Lions competition finally got underway-and it was farewell tantalising Cannes, hello cubicle Cannes.

After it was cut down from 56 to 33 hours to accommodate the wayward S9s, we wereIMG_20180620_224934_189 2 (1).jpg still 12 hours into the challenge before we got the phones, which made for an interesting shoot. The haphazardness continued as we were lead to a cubicle proudly flying the Australian flag. Then we found out, somewhat ironically, that they were unable to get a female juror to judge our gender equality brief.  But, all that aside, what an experience. It's one we wouldn't have missed for the world (which we decidedly didn't, because we hauled ourselves across it in 41 hours and 35 mins).

But now it's all over, just like our diary.
If you're thinking about entering next year (and why wouldn't you) and have any questions feel free to hit us up on the World Wide Web. Or if you'd like to buy a s9.
Big ups to Val Morgan, DDB and au revoir from us.
Things we've learnt 3:
1. Mobile phone tripods are just glorified selfie sticks, and even less stable
2. The Come Dine with Me voiceover guy moonlights as the host of the Lions awards show.
3. The Axis Awards needs smoke machines.
4. Cannes baguettes are a one way ticket to the dentist.

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