SBS launches new 'We All Speak Football' campaign ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 9.26.14 am.jpgThe FIFA World Cup is the absolute pinnacle of football, a sport that truly unites Australia's diverse communities.  To drive anticipation in the lead up to the tournament, SBS is engaging with all Australians through a cross-platform campaign that showcases why "We All Speak Football".
Australians will share in all the excitement and build up to the tournament through a series of on-air teasers, bumpers and promos that spread 'the language of football' from stadiums to the streets, bedrooms to boardrooms, with a music composition inspired by football and fan sounds, accompanied by visual gestures, signals, and reactions to action on the pitch.

image004 (1).jpgThe campaign will also utilise heavy radio and digital activity to drive tune in for nightly matches and encourage downloads of the official 2018 FIFA World Cup App, available for iOS and Android from June 11.
In the most digitally connected World Cup ever, SBS will be working with FIFA's official partners including Google, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to bring audiences exclusive 'money-can't-buy' opportunities to experience the world's biggest sporting event at their fingertips.
Says Jane Palfreyman, director of marketing, SBS: "Football is a sport that unites the world's diverse communities through its passion and emotion. The aim of our campaign is to extend the concept that we all speak the 'language of football', regardless of where you're from."
In addition to the match of the day live, replays and the 5.30pm live highlights show, SBS will update audiences throughout the tournament via an early morning special edition of The World Game podcast every match day produced by SBS Radio with analysis and opinion by Craig Foster and Lucy Zelic from Red Square, newsletters, a nightly Twitter live show and bite sized recaps to spark conversation and debate on our owned social platforms.
Additional activity throughout the tournament includes:
SBS Radio will engage with various communities including Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, as they celebrate with friends and families. Sharing their passion for football, SBS Radio's in-language broadcasters will join the conversation and attend events across Sydney and Melbourne.
In partnership with the Australian Government, SBS Learn has created an in-depth education resource called The Harmony Game, which links the 2018 FIFA World Cup to subjects including English, Geography and Health and Physical Education. This resource will be mailed to 12,000+ Australian teachers, and is freely available online via SBS Learn alongside a suite of other football-inspired classroom materials to help Australian children engage in the world's biggest sporting event.
The campaign will run until the end of the tournament, each phase working to inspire, inform and involve football fans to tune into this landmark event.
The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia kicks off June 14 on SBS.
SBS is presenting the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in partnership with Optus Sport.

Jane Palfreyman - Marketing Director
Uma Oldham - Head of Group Marketing
Alexandra Conomos - Marketing Manager
Gillian May: Marketing Manager - CRM
Karl Uhrich - Digital Marketing Manager
Lynsey Woods - Brand Manager
Head of Creative Services: Joel Noble
Creative Lead: Derek Best
Production Lead: Carley Edmonds
Creatives: Jeremy Gilroy, Nitya Hariharan
Designers: Jesse Dalton, Matt Harvey, Lianne Hodges, Madeline Dudley
Grade & Mastering: Alyn Mykas
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Shoot Producers: Sophia Gabr, Jo McNulty-Clark
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Support Producers: Carli Richardson, Lara Parker, Kirsty Turner
Support Creative: Oliver Holmes
Art Directors: Steve Tomic, Ruth Levi
Wardrobe- Kylie Gonder, Alexandra Carey
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We all speak shit.

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Soccer fans are violent fanatics, unlike genteel AFL supporters, especially those who patronise the Medallion Club.

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