Sophie Woods' Annecy Diary #1

Unknown-10.jpgPassion Pictures Melbourne is in Annecy for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Producer Sophie Woods (right) recaps the action thus far...

Stepping out of the shuttle bus in Annecy after crossing the border from Geneva, you feel as if you are in a full-blown fairytale. Or, as I like to put it, and much to the joy of my travel companion and colleague Kate, the perfect setting for a horror film.

The stunning lake sits amidst the mountains, the old town, and a collection of gorgeous and sparsely dotted houses, where our 'Passion home' for the duration is situated. We kicked off the week with a swim in the lake, and dinner and rosé on the water with our UK counterparts. No murders yet.
file12.jpgOur number one goal for the week is cheese and potato themed, and Annecy has not disappointed. Highlights of course being tartiflette and raclette - clearly a block of slowly melting cheese on your dinner table should be mandatory, no?

While the rosé has flowed and the tiny town buzzes, we've had the opportunity to meet with old friends and new. PassionUnknown-2.jpg directors  Mark Waring (Isle of Dogs), Jimmy Kiddel, Julian Frost, Kyra & Constantin, Tulips & Chimneys, Polynoid and Golden Wolf have all been in town, along with our Parisian posse, and of course the UK contingent as led by Andrew Ruhemann.

Oh - and then there's the animation! Aside from the gorgeous crowds making fish noises to display their affection for the work, flying paper planesUnknown-7.jpg through the cinemas, and shouting out 'LUPIN!' (rabbit) in the intro films (?!? I think I've missed something), I've absolutely loved absorbing the amazing work. The breadth of style, technique, and diversity of nationalities is incredibly inspiring. My favourites so far are Bloeistraat 11 by Belgium director Nienke Deutz, and Animal Behaviour (Zootherapie) - a short about various animals undergoing group therapy by Canadians Alison Snowden and David Fine.

Four days in, I feel like perhaps my first impression of Annecy as horror-movie setting was misguided. I'll settle for cheese dreams I guess.

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