TAB launches 'Head or Heart' campaign via Clemenger Sydney ahead of FIFA World Cup

Both Teams.jpgTAB and Clemenger BBDO Sydney have launched a campaign ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, 'Head or Heart'. The campaign brings into focus the greatest rivalry in sports betting, the battle between the pragmatism of betting with your head, and the pure gut feel of betting with your heart.

The integrated campaign includes a 60 and 30 second TVCs, retail, product spots, social, digital, print and live activations in venues across Australia throughout the tournament. The creative aims to celebrate fans no matter which 'team' they barrack for, or how they punt and pays homage to the one of the most recognisable and anticipated parts of football, the chant.

Haircut.jpgSays Louise Rathbone, head of marketing communications, TAB: "The SWC is a global sporting event, and our biggest campaign of the year. To recognise this we wanted to ensure our campaign truly embraced all punters and soccer lovers alike, by tappingTeam Head Member.jpg into a key behavioral insight: when it comes to wagering there are two approaches you can take - bet with your heart as a true fan or bet with your head as a shrewd follower of form. Our campaign has been designed to celebrate both those betting styles on a grand scale."

Says Brendan Willenberg, creative director, ClemengerTeam Head.jpg BBDO Sydney: "Do you bet with your head or your heart? It's an adage as old as wagering itself and nowhere is it more applicable than the Soccer World Cup. We've had a lot of fun bringing this campaign to life and over the course of the tournament to hopefullyTeam Heart.jpg prove once and for all which is the best way to punt."

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Coulson
Creative Director: Brendan Willenberg
Copywriter: Nick Alcock
Art Director: Taylor Green
Senior TV Producer: Jo Howlett
Group Account Director: Cath Bosson
Senior Account Director: Smaran Jworchan
Senior Account Manager: Lettie Marsh
Production Company: Rabbit Content
Director: Craig Rasmus
Executive Producers: Lucas Jenner/Alex Hay
Producer: Rita Gagliardi
Facilitation Company: Grandma Enterprise
Executive Producers: Linas Martinkenas/Indre Petrukaitiene
Line Producer: Arnas Ringaitis
DOP: Peter Riis
Editorial: The Editors
Editors: Bernard Garry and Peter Barton
Post Production/VFX: White Chocolate VFX
Supervisor: David Mosqueda
Music Composition and Sound Design: OTIS Studios- Alejandro Gomez and Lukas Farry
TAB Head of Marketing Communications: Louise Rathbone
Senior Marketing Manager - Sport: Jono Rhydderch
Marketing Manager - Sport: Yuta Kobayashi


LA Producer said:

There's no visual sync to the actual sound. Very distracting Not good :(

Oooof said:

That' is awful.
A real Grade A stinker.
Clems Sydney you should hang your heads in shame

Whoops said:

That's not great.

Not great... said:

But solid. As a punter the head/heart struggle is real

Everyone. said:

I want more head.

Roger Rabbit said:

The insight and idea are great, but the execution is poor. The song is so daggy. Surely they could have taken a tune from a proper football anthem.

deflated said:

Felt empty, you could sense the 50 extras and nothing else.

Deja Vu said:

I thought this was the part of new Hahn campaign

Roger Rabbit said:


Still sounds shit.

Look at these. Something with a bit more balls than Camptown Races.

freaky friday said:

opposite of clams melbourne, ie good strategy, shit creative

Phil said:

Yet another VIEW THE SPOT link that doesn't let me VIEW THE SPOT unless I sign up to paid membership. Frustrating.

@Phil said:

Hi Phil,
You do not need to sign up for a membership to view the ad. You just need to make sure Flash Player is enabled. Feel free to email me at and I can send you instructions on how to enable Flash. Hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards Ricki @ CB.

@phil said:

Phil just got burned.

@freakyfriday said:

If that makes you feel better, then sure.
But the truth is Clems Melbourne have better everything from top to bottom.
They wouldn't produce this crap if their lives depended on it. And nor should you.

opinions are like arseholes said:

Don't listen to them Clems. Saw this on the TV last night and not everyone's a hater.. nice job

Also not a hater said:

l saw it on the telly and it grabbed my attention. Nanna bit made me smile

Ted said:

Like Hahn and other who try to speak to this audience of lads, it's formulaic

Yes it's the same as the Hahn ad... said:

...but somehow, waaaaaaaay better.


This ad nails the concept and makes me want to watch the games

balboamoa said:

Poorly executed, a bit cringy

tonny said:


Who is the beautiful actress with the cool haircut?

Miguel said:

tonny said:


Who is the beautiful actress with the cool haircut?

Marisa Cruz

Don Draper said:

A good concept, very poorly executed. Really lacks authenticity. It's very important to know your audience with any campaign, and this fails miserably as the actors just don't look or sound like football fans. And they definitely don't look like they'd have a flutter on the WC. As for the humour element, very poor. If you're going to copy someone, look at Paddy Power.

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