Taxi's Steve Baker continues winning streak

Desmondo_Ray_PressRelease.jpgTaxi director Steve Baker and his animated series, This is Desmondo Ray, began making fans of the world's film critics as soon as it was released late last year.

And then the awards started to come in. Fifteen of them by the end of April 2018. Now Baker has a crowning glory to add to his collection. He has won Best Direction of an Animated Project at the Australian Directors' Guild 2018 ADG Awards.

"Told in a striking mix of animation and live action, it's a singular vision of innocence struggling to survive in a dark and uncaring universe - and it's quite funny to boot." [FilmInk]

"An internet sensation." [ABC News]

"This Is Desmondo Ray's artful visual style, which mixes animation with live action, places it among the most gorgeous shows on the web. Pay too much attention to the colorful backdrop, however, and you'll miss Desmondo Ray's sweet, empathetic sensibilities. This is a show that examines its main character in a careful, measured way, and as a result, Desmondo is one of the more nuanced protagonists I've seen. Kudos to Baker, who has managed to create a truly special show full of vivacity and pathos. This one is worth checking out." [TubeFilter]

Says Leanne Tonkes, producer: "What makes this series stand out is how it refused to follow the trend of so many other online projects. Meaning, we didn't want to make this fast-paced and loud simply because we're told the online audience has less patience. Steve has created a challenging character with an emotional resonance that intertwines humour, heart, and a little darkness. It's also rare to see such a high production value for an online series. We wanted our audience to be engrossed by the craftsmanship that combines live action, animation, and miniatures to create a truly unique world."

The result of Baker's quirky idea, unique artistry and enthusiasm for difference has been screened at very many international film festivals throughout the world and ranked in numerous best lists.

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