The Monkeys' Jay Morgan at Cannes Lions: Executions that are too invasive are creepy

Jay Morgan.jpgJay Morgan, Cannes Mobile Lions jury president and Innovations Director at The Monkeys on privacy, technology and whether we'll ever have another 'iPhone moment'

Mobile technology has come a long way since breezeblock car phones of the '80s or the days of playing Snake on the Nokia 3310. And these days it's evolving so fast that, for judges of the Mobile Lion at Cannes, each year throws up a new array of possibilities. But while the platforms and devices might change, what doesn't change is that the best work is focused less on tech and more on behaviour, according to jury president Jay Morgan. LBB's Laura Swinton caught up with Jay to pick his brains abut the category and find out how the privacy debate is going to factor into this year's jury discussions.

LBB> This year at Cannes, what will you be looking out for among the entries?
JM> There's a lot of work out there but there's only a handful of truly inspired work that's well executed. We need the power of creativity now more than ever before and the work that displays this will win.

LBB> What words of guidance will you be sharing with the jury to get them in the right headspace?
JM> Relax and enjoy the process. When do you get the chance to spend uninterrupted time getting inspired by the best work from around the world?

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