The Natural Confectionary Co. presents 'The Dino Pack' in latest campaign via Ogilvy Melbourne

TNCC dino 1.jpgWho can forget The Natural Confectionery Co. "don't chop the dinosaur, Daddy!" commercial from 2004? Cut to 2018 and The Natural Confectionery Co has brought everyone's favourite dinosaurs to life in the brand's latest campaign via Ogilvy Melbourne.

'The Dino Pack' campaign features the brand's most distinctive and colourful assets, The Natural Confectionery Co.dinosaurs and the characters on the pack star as Greg the Stegosaurus, Bronte the Brontosaurus and Rex the T-Rex, with special appearances from Steve the Snake.

TNCC dino 3.jpgThe campaign brings to life playful fun through dinosaur characters, with the intent to resonate particularly with adult consumers who represent a large segment of the overall category. It tells the story of three dinosaur friends gathering in the kitchen, as Greg the stegosaurus unwittingly turns carnivore thanks to a delicious pack of The Natural Confectionery Co.  Dinosaurs.

Ashley Barton, senior brand manager, The Natural Confectionery Co. said that the creative inspiration for the campaign was built on understanding why consumers love treating themselves with lollies.

Says Barton: "We found that people - regardless of age - enjoy lollies because they're a fun treat. We think this campaign is a real opportunity for us to connect with them, whilst also reinforcing our functional message of no artificial colours or flavours.

"Adults need a little more fun in their lives, so we have made a strategic decision to target these consumers, using our dinosaur characters from our packs that everyone knows and loves."
Josh Murrell and Sharon Condy, creative directors, Ogilvy Melbourne, described the chance to create distinctive and loveable characters for the iconic brand as irresistible!

Says Murrell and Condy: "When we started the creative journey, we quickly realised the biggest brand assets are the characters on pack. We challenged ourselves to bring them life in an unforgettable way."

The campaign features TVC, online content and bite-sized social posts where the cheeky characters hang out, chat and occasionally pick on each other as mates do. The first TV spot, titled 'Herbivore' is now live in Australia and launches Sunday 10 June in New Zealand.

Brand: The Natural Confectionery Company
Associate Director: Rohin Rosman
Senior Brand Manager: Ashley Barton
Assistant Brand Manager: Hazel Alexander

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: David Ponce de Leon
Creative Directors: Josh Murrell & Sharon Condy
Creatives: Zac Blakemore & Grga Calic
Producer: Alana Teasedale
Account Director: Bianca Kerr
Account Manager: Catherine Martyn
Group Account Director: Danielle Chapman
Head of Strategy: Virginia Pracht

Production Company: The Pound
Directors: Dogboy

Sound: Production Alley
Editing and Online: The Editors


Extinct said:

Should have just re-run the “don’t chop the dinosaur” ad. At least it made sense. Doubt anyone will understand what’s going on let alone find them amusing.

DiNo said:

Not overly funny or well written but the CG looks really good, why no credits for who animated? And why’d they try to make them look like puppets?

Prehistoric thinking said:

So your big idea was to bring the pack illustrations to life so they can tell us what’s inside the pack? Well it’s nothing if not a simple strategy. Did you consider looking for an insight as to why people like a sweet treat in the shape of a dinosaur or just went straight to animating the packaging?

unreal said:

I want one of those puppets

Real dinosaur? said:

I can’t work out if they’re CGI dinosaurs or actual puppets? They look like the same finish as the St George dragon but then these have the strings attached? Very confusing.

Old, but with the mind of a child said:

I liked the 'Herbivore' spot.

It's always amusing to see critters attacking and attempting to eat other critters.

That’s Amore said:

Great looking puppets and a funny campaign although I was hoping that “The Dino Pack” was a Dean Martin reference and we’d be watching a bunch of drunk puppets in Vegas wearing tuxedos and bow ties.

Confusedasaurus said:

I’m assuming because people from the agency are commenting on how good the puppets look, that they’re actual puppets? Why did they make them look like cgi? Should’ve put more effort into making funny ads rather than making dinosaur puppets look like animation.

It's fine said:

Nice pre-roll ads...

Carnivore said:

Saw the herbivore ad tonight on tv! Absolutely loved it! Had me in stitches!!! :)

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