The Studio at SCA recreates classic jingle for SPC Baked Beans + Spaghetti in new campaign

SPC_1.jpgThe Studio at SCA, Southern Cross Austereo's creative arm, has launched a newly reimagined jingle for client SPC.

The recording is a modern interpretation of the classic SPC Baked Beans & Spaghetti jingle from the 1980's - originally produced by Mike Brady - and underscores a new radio campaign which positions SPC baked beans & spaghetti as the easy way for Australian families to make mealtime simple again.

SPC_3.jpgSays Luke Parsons, head of The Studio at SCA Sydney: "It was a real privilege for one of the most iconic brands in Australia to trust us with such an important aspect of their branding. It's right in step with us (SCA) embracing our expertise in market as audio innovators. We've been buildingSPC_5.jpg brands through sound for decades and have been lucky to work with some truly great clients, such as SPC."

Says Jo Cruth, category marketing manager, SPC: "It was important to maintain the integrity and history of the jingle, a 'National treasure' for us, but bring it into the 21st century. SCA's care and dedication to delivering the SPC bounce, as requested, was much appreciated. We love the end result!"

The new campaign for SPC baked beans & spaghetti commenced on-air last week and can be heard nationally across The Hit Network.

Says Anna Magliano, group business director, Slingshot: "The SCA team championed the media and creative intent from the get-go. The jingle they delivered was right on point and will really push SPC Baked Beans and Spaghetti further and faster, which was always our goal."


. said:

Cannes? ARIA? Grammy? Nobel Prize for Music?
All of the above!

If it took 3 months to re-record the jingle I wonder how long the BTS piece took?

... said:

Is this a joke? Seriously, are they actually for real?

pugwash said:

Spinal Tap wasn't even 21st century. This reminds me more of the gastric effects of baked beans than the product. Post mod....meh

LA Producer said:

Nooooooooooooo ..... THIS. IS. BAD.

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