Tigerair encourages Aussies to go for moments that matter in latest work via McCann Australia

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 12.36.38 pm.jpgTigerair has launched its new 'Go for it' campaign via its agency of record McCann Australia.

'Go for it' was developed off the back of consumer research which highlighted that the main reason people travel is to see loved ones, whether it's for a birthday, an event, or just because.

The campaign has been created to encourage people to go for the moments that matter - because you can.

image001.jpgSays Merren McArthurn, CEO, Tigerair: "At its heart the campaign is about seizing the moments that matter, so Tigerair can connect you withimage003.jpg your family and friends at any time. Once upon a time flying was a luxury, but with Tigerair you can go interstate for a weekend away, you can go because you need a break from the everyday, you can go to see friends for dinner, or you can goimage004.jpg for no reason at all."

The marketing campaign will run for two weeks until the 15th of June and includes web, digital placements, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and OOH.

The primary audience is the youth market, butimage005.jpg the campaign features a range of demographics because it's about going for the moments that matter with your family and friends.

This initial two-weekimage007.jpg campaign to launch 'Go for it', is just the beginning of a much larger and more long-term brand strategy for Tigerair.
Creative agency: McCann Australia
Media agency: Essence


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No comments in 24 hours means decent work. Nice one.

@qt3.14 said:

I don't think so

shot 1 - where are we, why is it special

shot 4 - We can't even see the other woman's face the shot is composed so poorly

I could go on but why does this spot get a break?
With all the fuss over getty image montages with affirmative voice overs why not this one?

Why does this get a pass?

Tim said:

It doesn't get a pass. The writing is so stilted.

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