VIC Government launches 'Deadly Questions' in support of upcoming Treaty via Clems Melbourne

DeadlyQuestions_Logo_Black (1).jpgThe Victorian Government has today launched a campaign called 'Deadly Questions' in support of Australia's first-ever Treaty legislation, via Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

As Victoria embarks on a path to Treaty, research has shown many Victorians feel they know little about their State's Aboriginal heritage or Aboriginal affairs in general. But along with their lack of knowledge, Victorians also don't feel comfortable asking questions for fear of offending or appearing ignorant.

Deadly Questions provides a platform for Victorians to get much needed answers and opens up a conversation between non-Aboriginal Victorians and the Victorian Aboriginal community at a pivotal moment in the State's history.

Through the campaign website, people can ask questions, anonymously if they wish, and these questions will be answered by Aboriginal Victorians - responding via text or video.

To launch the campaign, some famous Aboriginal names have signed up to answer questions including musician Adam Briggs, elders Aunty Pam Pederson, Aunty Joy Murphy and Uncle Kevin Coombs OAM.

Outdoor, social and digital advertising features some starter-questions designed to get people thinking about what they might like to ask.

Says Josh Smith, executive director at Aboriginal Victoria and a Dunghutti man: "For us, and for Aboriginal Victorians, this campaign represents hope. Hope for change. Hope for recognition. And importantly, hope that we can move forward as a State and as a nation united.

"Never before has there been a forum like this to provide a deep understanding of Aboriginal cultures, and we look forward to joining Victorians in a conversation that needs to be had."

Says Evan Roberts, executive creative director, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne: "This country has a long way to go to get to Treaty, but by creating an environment to talk about the issues that currently divide us we hope to unify Victorians in support of one."

'Deadly Questions' has launched across TV, OOH, the Deadly Questions website and social.
Victorians can ask their Deadly Question at and take a step forward in fostering a greater understanding of Victoria's original culture.

Clients: Aboriginal Victoria
Executive Director: Josh Smith
Director, Office of the Executive Director: Andrew Gargett
Strategic Communications Advisor: Drew Higgins
Manager, Office of the Executive Director: Jack Register
Senior Communications and Events Manager: Amy Hattam
Champions: Richard Frankland, Adam Briggs, Jarman Impey, Tiriki Onus, Aunty Pam Pedersen, Aunty Joy Murphy, Ben Abbatangelo, Uncle Kevin Coombs, Carissa Lee, Natarsha Bamblett, Nakaya Frankland
Contributors: Jill Gallagher, Janine Coombs, Jeremy Clark, Muriel Bamblett, Mick Harding


Mike said:

Lovely. Oftentimes less is more and this is perfect.

hmm said:

Here's a question. If we're all equal why do some of us pay for tertiary eduction and some of us don't?

Luke said:

@hmm That is precisely the kind of question you should be asking on the site, from what I've seen. Why don't you?

chuck said:

Nice on to all involved.

Classic Clems said:

Fuck that's good. Simple, brave and for a Government client.
It reeks of James McGrath.

Soft questions; soft answers. said:
similar said:

Yeah - about to say if it reeks of anything, it's ABC TV's 'You can't ask that'
Nice idea though.

Niceness said:

A super nice version of that great ABC program.

Luke said:

@Soft questions:

What you've demonstrated is that Aboriginal people are entitled to welfare, not "more" welfare.

FYI, when I last worked for the then Department of Social Security - which I admit was over 25 years ago - the maximum Abstudy was the same as maximum Austudy.

Dear Clemenger Sydney said:

Why can't you be more like this?

CJ said:

Nice. And if it helps guide the moral compass of racist Australia then about fucking time.

Kate said:

Great work Nic! Thoughtful, well designed and a needed brief that’s been well executed.

ADWEAK said:

Freelancer sucks up to ECD with post on industry blog.

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