YouTube picks 72andSunny Sydney to showcase 'Goldi's Locks' film at YouTube Beach in Cannes

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 9.02.41 am.jpgEarlier this year, YouTube partnered with 13 creative agencies with the challenge of retelling classic fairy tales in six-second advertisements at the Sundance Film Festival. In March SXSW picked 72andSunny Sydney to premiere its reimagined story "Goldi's Locks" at the festival. Now YouTube has chosen to showcase the film at YouTube Beach in Cannes during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The film, which is one of three entries to be featured on YouTube Beach, is about a full-service home security system that keeps blonde girls out of your home during hibernation season.

"Goldi's Locks" was the only entry selected from APAC this year.

(Pictured: Writer behind the film Nathan Pashley speaking at Cannes)


Meh said:

It doesn't unlock my chain and I don't think it 'pushes new boundaries and sets new standards' as in paraphrasing the poster. Just a bit lame.

YES! said:

This is AWESOME!

Great showcase of stitching together short and long form ads on YouTube. I personally love the infomercial and think the team nailed it!

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