Australia Post launches new 'Everyone Matters' integrated brand campaign via The Monkeys

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.43.02 am.jpgAustralia Post has unveiled a heart-warming campaign, 'Everyone Matters' that reflects what Australia Post stands for in the community: putting people first.

Created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, the integrated campaign is the first from Australia Post since Christine Holgate was appointed as new CEO.

"This campaign illustrates what Australia Post does for our customers every single day: we focus on how everyone matters," said Australia Post head of enterprise marketing Anne Stout.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.45.07 am.jpg"The campaign centres on what drives us to make a difference in people's lives; whether that's making more flexible delivery choices or helping small businesses to expand into international markets, or being such an integral part of local communities that our delivery people would recognise, recover and deliver safely home a little boys' stranded stuffed toy."

Directed by Derin Seale of FINCH, 'Everyone Matters' features five stories of everyday Australians and the many and varied ways Australia Post is a part of their lives. The spots range from a honey producer in Tasmania, to a sugar cane farmer in Queensland, to Bruce from Braidwood - who has run his local post office for more than 20 years.

The print component of the campaign also features portraits of everyday Australians captured around the country by photographer Cory White.

The campaign will roll out this week across broadcast, out of home advertising, digital, radio and press, and will also run on Australia Post social channels.

Says Ant Keogh, CCO,  The Monkeys: "We wanted to tell stories at a human scale, showing Australia Post's role in the lives of all Australians, day to day. The films are humble and understated but we think that's where their power lies."

Client: Australia Post
General Manager, Marketing and Community: Andrea Pearman
Head of Enterprise Marketing: Anne Stout
Senior Marketing Manager Enterprise and Community: Corrina Brazel
Senior Manager Brand and Advertising: Cathie Connors
Marketing Manager Enterprise and Community: Allison Leech

Agency: The Monkeys
CCO: Ant Keogh
Creative Director: Wayne Ching
Art Director: Joe Sibley
Writer: Hugh Gurney
Head of Strategy: Mike Derepas
Planning Director: Gareth Evans
Business Director: Kat Kelly
Group Content Director: Jaimee Kerr
Content Director: Louise Rutherford
Head of Production: Romanca Jasinski
Senior Producer: Lucy Trengove

Media Agency: Dentsu X
Head of Client Solutions: Michelle O'Brien
Group Client Partner: Charlie Stroud
Investment Manager: Angie Alexis
Production Co: FINCH
Director: Derin Seale
Executive Producer: Corey Esse
Producer: Cath Anderson
DOP:Tim Tregoning
Editor: Drew Thompson - ARC EDIT
Grade: Edel Rafferty -The Editors
Online: Nakatomi
Sound: Paul Le Couteur - Nylon

Photography: The Kitchen
Photographer: Cory White
Producer: Chelsea Claydon
Talent Researcher: Rosey Karaula
Casting Director: Stevie Ray


Completely... said:

lacks energy.

Bad choice on the VO.

pugwash said:

woah boring as the proverbial bat' doubt the VO swallowed half the budget.

? said:

Eric Bana VO?

Yawn said:

Turgid stuff.

Still waiting for something decent from the Melbourne Monkeys.

Craft said:

Spot one has an interesting technical shot. How did they do it?

All Lives Matter said:

'Everyone Matters' is too close to this.

Change the record said:

Monkeys roll out NRMA strategy again.

Even older CD guy said:

I'm yawning yet I'm not tired. Whatever could be causing my bad case of the yawns?

couldbeworse said:

Tough conservative client. Monkeys did well at rolling out something different that doesn't look like work from another tough conservative client. kudos.

RK said:

Surely the end of Monkeymania.

In other news said:

publication fails to show stills campaign....again.

Old CD Guy said:

The Bonds work was described as 'soft porn'.

This is just 'soft'.

Miss Pandora said:

What a terrible tag for a company with such a poor customer service record.

The Awful Truth said:

"The films are humble and understated but we think that's where their power lies." is something you'd say to a client when you promised they'd show a human side to a massive conglomerate but realise they've come out as nigh-on-invisible, weak, flaccid and an incredible disappointment.

It might have been a nice campaign for the Benalla post office, but no, this is a huge modern business, Australia Post.

How could the little master get it sooooo wrong?

Lee said:

NRMA will love it.Their TVC is no longer the worst to come out of the Monkeys.

What a load of indefensible crap said:

Fucking rubbish.
You are way better than this

How many admen does it take... said:

Over 30 people credited! That's A LOT of opinions - maybe that's why it's so bland.

Ace said:

Some pretty harsh comments here, Tough crowd.... I've been a Mkg/Adv/Media for a long time.

For me, this is too far fetched. It may be where the CEO wants to be, for sure.

But this is too far of a jump in the consumer's mind. In fact, when I heard this on TV, my immediate reaction was, "Yea, Right".

I would have liked to have seen the ROAD to getting to everyone matters.

Ape man said:

Feeling very let down by these guys.Dross.

Brad said:

Definitely Eric Bana!

Josie said:

Yep, sounds like Eric Bana.

Eric said:

Sounds like Eric Banadinovic. Google leads here.

Nathan said:

I couldn’t find a Wellington Cres that’s waterfront, so are the ads fictional? Normally not a big deal but not if you’re playing at authenticity.
And advertising that AP is all about keeping country PO’s open so 3 people can have a yarn? The rest of Australia would prefer cheaper postage and install a stamp machine!

Matilda Jambour said:

I didn’t mind the ad - not many parellels with the real world though. Have we established who does the VO? Is it Eric Bana?

Kim said:

The monkey was left 6 houses down but you can only see 3 as it is a cul-de-sac? ?

Beders said:

It's a st on palm beach qld. Nearly bought the White House on beach front in the 1st scene 14 yrs ago.

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