Bank First recognises the 'real value' of its customers in new campaign via 10 feet tall

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.28.32 am.jpgVictoria Teachers Mutual Bank recently rebranded themselves as Bank First, and in the midst of the Banking Royal Commission, is launching a new integrated campaign platform via 10 feet tall, highlighting its focus on what people do for our community.

As a customer owned bank, Bank First's sole focus is to serve its customers - not external shareholders. To launch the campaign, 10 feet tall honed in on a simple visual mnemonic that symbolises the worth of Bank First's customers and what they 'really make'.

VICT10637-H Bank First - 2018 Launch Campaign - Full Page Press Ad_ACA V2-1.jpgSays Adam Alsbury, chief strategy and marketing officer at Bank First: "Banking is in the news every day and consumers quite often feel powerless in their dealings with the big banks. With a history of putting our customers first and reinvesting profits into better products and services, we provide a real alternative to the Big 4. As a bank that was founded by a group of educators, we have always valued what our customers do for the community - not just how much they make - and it's this insight that sits at the core of our new platform 'We value what you really make'."

Says Joseph Meseha, MD and partner, 10 feet tall: "Bank First is quite unique in that they genuinely value peoples' contribution to the community, well beyond the dollars andScreen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.30.37 am.jpg cents banks ask you to fill in on an application form. It's those eight little boxes that banks use to judge your worth, however Bank First knows that what their customers do goes well beyond this."

The campaign centres around a film depicting a teacher reviewing their loan application with a Bank First representative. The campaign will be supported by TV, online, press and OOH mediums.

Client: Bank First
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer: Adam Alsbury
Head of Marketing: Jade Maletsky
Senior Marketing Coordinator: Melissa Freeman

Agency: 10 feet tall
Managing Director: Joseph MesehaScreen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.30.48 am.jpg
Creative Director: Stuart Black
Strategy Director: Magnus Nilsson
Art Director: Matt Toebelmann
Design: George Kalogerakos
Client Services Director: Pia Moore

Production Company: Eight
Director:  Florence Noble
Executive Producer:  Dan Higgins


bloody hell said:

the the tissues out. great insight.

Al said:

In light of the Banking Royal Commission, that is a very unfortunate name to choose for an institution.

Really? said:

This is the sort of saccharin-encrusted kumbaya rubbish that makes me want to vomit.
You don't differentiate yourself from the Big4 by creating bulldust you only see in adland. To be anti big banks you've got to be anti big bank advertising. Just a straight, honest presentation of the facts would work 100x better than this.

@ Really? said:

Second that.

10 feet small said:

Don't play with the big boys if you ain't got the toys!

mutual bank said:

they are a mutual bank. this seems highly appropriate.

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