Coles hands Liquorland to Spinach; First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars to JWT Melbourne

Liquorland.jpgVintage-Cellars.jpgColes Liquor has appointed Melbourne agencies Spinach and J Walter Thompson as its new creative agency partners after a competitive tender process, taking over incumbent AJF Partnership.

Spinach will look after the Liquorland brand, while JWT will run the creative for First Choice Liquor and Vintage Cellars.

Says Coles Director of Liquor Cathi Scarce: "We are excited to join forces with Spinach and JWT who demonstrated the creativity we believe will further bring our brands to life and deliver positive results for Coles,"
Says Spinach CEO Craig Flanders: "You'd expect nothing less than a very thorough competitive pitch process from a company like Coles, so we are doubly delighted to be appointed to the Liquorland business which is the cornerstone of the Coles Liquor Group. There is lots to do, and we are looking forward to helping them build on the great business model they've created thus far. It's a great win for our tight-knit team and we can feel the energy in the group every time we meet."

Says Michael Godwin, Managing Director, J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne: "We're thrilled to be working with the Coles Liquor team on these two brands and are extremely thankful to the client for giving us this opportunity.
"Both Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor are well established, successful brands and the opportunity to help see them realise their full potential is hugely exciting. There is a lot to be done and we can't wait to get started.
"A few years ago, we set about building a relevant offer to Melbourne-based retail clients by investing in the right people, processes and building a range of in-house capabilities, including our wholly owned multi-media production hub, The Cannery. These initiatives have been designed to help us deliver end-to-end solutions faster and more affordably to clients. That investment continues to pay off and we now feel very fortunate to partner several of our market's biggest and best retailers, of which Coles Liquor is obviously one."


lolz said:


Ohhhhh boy said:

You poor, poor bastards.

Poisonous, insecure, thoroughly unpleasant bullies.

Good luck with that said:

Short sighted, fearful and totally devoid of people who can see the link between creativity and effectiveness. There's a reason these three brands have gone nowhere for the last 10 years and it has nothing to do with the agencies who have worked on them.

WTF said:

Who are Spinach?

Grammar said:

Who is Spinach?

creative? said:

Well done to JWT given they would have had to win the business without an idea. They have NFI.

cut win repeat said:

did someone say undercutting?

RIP said:

your creative teams

What a yarn said:

Run for the hills.

LOL @ cut win repeat said:

Spinach the new agency of choice for undercutting.

dont said:

Don't be mad because someone won some business for being cheaper than you, be mad that you couldn't show the value of what you were charging.

@dont said:

lol enjoy the account. i'm sure those particular clients will see the 'value' in what you're charging.

not cynical said:

Spinach are a lovely bunch of people. Dont give them that 'Who's Spinach' shit just because you're too ignorant to know and live up your own hole.That said - Ive been unlucky enough to work at Coles liquor and they are a bunch of clueless idiots - Spinach will need every ounce of that lovely to cope. I hope they get a good discount on the booze, they'll need it.

Belinda said:

"very thorough competitive pitch process" - meaning faffing around for literally 7 months, 5 rounds running over 18 different agencies to come up with a way to stick a bottle on a red and yellow background. A disgraceful waste of clients and agencies time and money.

Same old bitter haters said:

Don't mind the haters, JWT. They may be one of the worst clients in the whole goddamn world, but at least your holding company is going to make a shit ton of money out of them. Don't think of it as working your nights away for clueless, thankless, heartless fuckwits. Think of it as doing your bit to buy someone in New York a new Aston Martin.

This is not a drill said:

Creatives at Spinach and JWT, if you've been slated to work on this, call your headhunter and start looking. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. This client cost our agency around a dozen smart, talented, dedicated, hardworking people. Some left without another job to go to. Some left the country. Some left the industry altogether. Get out. Do it now. Avoid the Christmas rush.

but said:

If you let a new business client faff you around for 7 months and 5 rounds, waste your time and's your own fault and you shouldn't whine about how 'disgraceful' it is

Who said:

Who were their previous agency?

@Who said:

Big Red I think.

Previous agency said:

Previous agency was AJF.

Who said:

So, AJF and then Big Red?

Dear Who said said:

Big Red was about 4 years ago. AJF has been Coles Liquor's agency since then.
And in AJF's defence, results would say they did a good job.

Leave now said:

The worst or the worst. Sympathies go out to the poor sods at Spinach and JWT who have been slated to work on this account.

Ouch said:

Good luck with that! Some of the most vicious but incompetent marketers you’d ever come across exist within that organisation. If the business makes money off them (and that’s a huge ‘if’ because they’ll undercut wherever they can) you’ll churn through a lot of good staff servicing the account.

STFU said:

Seriously pathetic jealousy happening here.

I feel like i'm in a school playground and someone's dad has just got a new car and their jealous friends are saying how shit the new car is, even though their dad hasn't had a new car in years.


You're a doodie-head and your dad's new car is a lawnmower.

No jealousy here, by the way. It's the opposite of jealousy. That would be like being jealous of someone because they got cancer and you didn't.

Honestly, this client really is that shit.

Popeye. said:

Ignore the haters.

One persons trash, is another persons treasure.

JWT Creative Dept said:

Seriously though, any recruiters out there? Please help.

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