Expressions of interest now open as Victorian TAC goes to tender for advertising services

TAC-Logo.jpgThe Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has announced it is proceeding to tender for its advertising services via a competitive process, beginning with an expression of interest (EOI) process which opened today.

The TAC is seeking a full-service advertising agency as a partner to deliver world-class planning, creation and production of road safety campaigns. The agency must be based in Victoria.

TAC's current agency is Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, which won the account from Grey Melbourne back in 2014. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne was responsible for the groundbreaking and highly awarded 'Meet Graham' campaign, which was ranked #1 campaign in the world in Gunn Report's Gunn 100 for 2018.
TAC senior manager of engagement Meg Jacobs said the tender process would ensure Victoria's renowned road safety campaigns remained at the forefront of public education and behaviour change.

Says Jacobs: "Public education is critical to reducing the number of lives lost and injuries on Victorian roads.

"This competitive tender presents an opportunity to ensure our campaigns are underpinned by Victoria's best creative thinking and insights."

The process will be subject to the highest levels of governance, with the appointment of independent probity advisers, Pitcher Partners.

In the interest of fairness and maintaining a high standard of integrity to the process, the TAC will not be providing further comment until the process is complete.

The EOI notice has been placed on the Victorian Government tender website and explains the TAC will seek advertising services, creative planning, creative development, talent management and production services across traditional media channels and digital channels.

The EOI period will close on Friday, 3 August 2018.

For more information, or to submit an EOI, visit


SO... said:

Is it actually moving? Or will be just a renewal of Clem's contract

Good luck! said:

A mandatory procurement process on the back of the worlds most successful creative idea in at least the last year (arguably more)... Does anyone want to throw money into the money pit?

Game on! said:

Ok this is it!
Delloitte are you having a crack? Great form guide - these are the guys who gave us Dumb Ways to Die...oh hang on that was Mescall who actually did it.

Pwc/ Thinkerbell - c'mon! Equal priced favourite - after all these are the guys that gave

Accenture/ Monkees - give a go! and another one at short odds - Oh come on so much to prove against the old firm boys.

Let's see them face off with Clems for this one.

After twelve months of grandstanding lets see them walk the talk.

Put CHE in as a strong outsider here.

This should be good...

Electoral Commisioner said:

The outcome of this should be as bankable as a Putin election. And rightfully so.

Deaths gone up said:

Clems got the account in 2014. Lives lost on the road was 248. The death toll in 2017 was 258. So the death toll has risen. So has the work, for all its creative brilliance, actually worked?

@Electoral Commissioner said:

This is not a sure thing by any means. TAC couldn't care less about the self congratulatory trophies - they care about the road toll.

Game On, my ass. said:

Game On, you are showing your age here. Naive to a fault.
This is a Government Procurement exercise, no more, no less.
Any agency throwing money at this folly does it at their peril.
TAC stayed with the same agency for the last 25 years before they went to Clems.
The numbers don't lie.
A waste of time to even fill the EOI.
Good luck to those who will.

T-kle said:

A tickle here, a tickle there.. in the end everyone's laughing but the clown.

But seriously folks... said:

It's a car crash.

Asking for a friend. said:

What is happening at Clems Melb? They are losing business hand over fist, and losing great people every other day. No new business wins, and Sydney is in all sorts of pain - no doubt about to spill everyone again. Just extraordinary.

@asking for a friend said:

Places lose clients and staff turnover.

Same as payday is Thursday and shit rolls down hill.

Beat it!

Clems said:

Losing business hand over fist?
Thanks for your concern but revenue has never been higher.

@clems said:

I’m guessing retention and staff satisfaction are at an all time high too?

Ping said:

Clems is currently the Agency people in the know least want to be a part of. Worst culture in the industry, highest staff turnover in the industry, longest hours in the industry. Revenue does not a good business make.

@Ping said:

What are you basing your claims on?

Have you/do you work there?

@Ping said:


Clems is where young creative minds go to develop anxiety and depression.

Hell, they even have "ironic" calming quotes on the back of the bathroom doors.

Game on said:

Dear Game On, my ass,

Are you seriously suggesting that this process will not follow the statutory requirements of government procurement policies, processes and procedures?

What. precisely, are behaviour are you suggesting public servants will engage in?

Sure. I guess a bag of awards are far more important than the scrutiny of legislation and government protocol.

I think it is you who is naive.

Regardless it is still a great opportunity for the consultancies to come on the ground and play against the olde world business models.

PS not to say that Clems aren't doing a great job, or that even on an level playing field they won't win.

I wish said:

I wish people would back themselves up with actual fact if they are going to throw around such wild accusations.

Without it, you guys just look like jealous idiots with your own motives.

Blah blah blah said:

Other than Ant Keogh, I can't think of one person who has left Clems in the last few years that has weakened the agency.
Underestimate Clemenger BBDO Melbourne at your peril

@ Blah blah blah said:

That is exactly why you are in the mess you are in.

Blah blah blah said:

I'm really not sure what mess you think Clemenger is in?
Just because you'd like that to be true doesn't make it so.

The Awful Truth said:

Clems improved immeasurably when I left. It seems to have declined immeasurably since AK left.

@ Blah blah blah said:

This, again, is exactly why you are in the mess you are in.

Hire him said:

More mud slinging from competing agencies.

Sad really

Exhibit A said:

It's next to impossible to prove how deep the rot has set in at Clems..

From my first hand experience I found the place lacking in spirit/morale, cliquey and with some of the most ridiculous processes in the industry. I saw more tears shed there than anywhere since. But hey, awards! Woo.

Graham said:

It is not at all surprising that Clemenger is being shown the door. I am told on good authority that Graham was dreamed up by the client and that Clem's then simply billed them a cool million to bring it to life (250 for the artist and the rest on god knows what). Similarly, the Man on the Street campaign was also conceived by the TAC.
Further, despite all of their posturing at awards nights about how they went about launching the Graham campaign through earned media, this aspect of the campaign was handled internally by the client too. In fact Clem's were ordered to refrain from having any involvement in this part of the campaign because they couldn't grasp the risk management elements of dealing with a government client who had essentially spent a million bucks on an artwork designed to stop car crashes. To add insult to injury, one of the senior Clem's PR people (we all know who you are) was caught sabotaging the TAC's media launch and the client demanded she never set foot within a hundred yards of a TAC campaign ever again.
There is no doubt in my mind that this is a purge

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