Foxtel adds DDB Sydney to agency roster

Screen-Shot-2017-06-15-at-4.53.54-pm.jpgFoxtel has confirmed that DDB Sydney has been added to its roster of agencies, which includes WiTH Collective and Marcel Sydney.

The previous lead agency was TBWA\Sydney, which resigned the Foxtel account a few months ago.


I'm sorry said:

My condolences to DDB

Phew said:

Well done DDB. Foxtel ads should start getting better now. With Collective. What were they thinking?

Ha ha ha said:

Who would work with them?

F-Me said:

What appalling behaviour from Foxtel.

🖕 from the industry

Ha ha ha said:

What a lark. Up to the old tricks. Never delivers

Marceau? said:

How long before strange men in suits start appearing in the Marcel offices to work out what’s tied down and what they can liquidate?

How many local clients do they have?

Anne Dilarke said:


Nostra-damn-us said:

Here's how it goes for those who haven't had the misfortune of working on this piece of business.

- You win the business
- You get a good brief
- You make that work and it turns out 7/10
- You think 'I don't know what everyone was whining about, they're an ok client'
- You get another good brief
- You make shit work dictated by client
- You get a shit brief
- You make even shitter work dictated by client
- You couldn't care less if you keep this client or not
- You resign or decline to pitch the next 'project'

Netflix said:

Sucked in.

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