LG Australia celebrates OLED TV launch with new 'The Darkest Light' film - directed by Tim Kindler

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.57.42 am.jpgLG Australia has announced the launch of 'The Darkest Light', a film that celebrates the consumer electronics' revolutionary new OLED TV 4K-technology screens.

Launched to industry and media on the sleek, ultra-slim LG OLED TVs, the brief given to agency Background CC was to create a film to demonstrate the richness of the colours and the intensity of the true blacks, normally reserved for the cinema experience.

Directed by Sixty40's Tim Kindler, 'The Darkest Light' tells the story of a girl looking back over the moments of her broken relationship, contemplating the significance of the small details that led to its demise.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.58.02 am.jpgThe reference throughout the film to the importance of "details" nods to the depth of detail and clarity of image the 4K-screen technology offers.

Says Kindler: "To demonstrate the superiority of its screens, LG recognised a standard TVC wasn'tScreen Shot 2018-07-05 at 8.57.55 am.jpg going to cut it. Instead, I was briefed to create a film built around intense colours, blacks, contrasts and sound beds. It was exciting to get the opportunity to create a film, which due to the 4K technology, I knew would be delivered in the way it was intended."

Says Tony Brown, home entertainment marketing manager, LG Australia: "Each year, LG's launch events set out to showcase the latest, cutting edge technologies that the company has to offer. While this year was no different, we wanted to add a new element to the launch event.

"By engaging some of Australia's freshest creative talent from various creative disciplines and giving them, in essence, a blank brief, we encouraged them to create a film to demonstrate how incredible our screens really are. We were thrilled to launch The Darkest Light by Tim Kindler as part of this showcase."


David Warner said:

And you thought the Telstra ad was a #wank.

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Kindler surprise!

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