Media and marketing event Pitch2Punch announces partnership with charity batyr

Pitch2Punch_Logo_2018_Date_V2.jpgPreparations for the highly anticipated media and marketing industry event; Pitch2Punch are ramping up, with applications streaming in.
Applications closed on Friday 6th July, but Pitch2Punch is still on the hunt for the final industry champions to step into the ring and help smash the stigma surrounding mental ill health.
With that in mind, Pitch2Punch has partnered with a new charity partner - batyr. batyr is a for-purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people for young people.
Following his own personal struggles with mental health, batyr founder Sebastian Robertson, launched the organisation in 2011 recognising that it was time to have open and honest conversations about mental health with young people, literally giving a voice to the elephant in the room.
Says Jon Davies, CEO, batyr: "We know there is a strong link between regular physical activity and positive mental wellbeing and we are thrilled that Pitch2Punch has chosen batyr as their charity partner to address the issue of mental health in the media and advertising industry.
"At batyr we're all about smashing the stigma around mental ill health and empowering young people to reach out for help when they need it, and this partnership is a great way to promote this message. We're keen to work with the participants and the industry, to shine a light on this issue and talk about how as a community we can better support each other and ourselves."
Pitch2Punch will join forces with batyr to encourage positive mental wellbeing for the participants during the 11 weeks of training, as well as providing tools for the champions to take back into their workplaces - further driving workplace communities that support mental health and wellbeing.
Funds raised at the gala event's charity auction will go towards batyr's programs helping to spread the word to more young Australians.
Any last minute industry champions who are interested in stepping into the ring, should contact the Kreate team today on
Training kicks off on the 19th August with the gala main event to be held on Friday 2nd November 2018, at the Westin Sydney Grand Ballroom.
For more information, please visit


Justice said:

Just what advertising needs, more toxic masculinity...

Violence is NEVER right.

What happens months after the training and fight has taken place? These men will resort to violence to solve their problems with women.


@Justice said:


KGB said:

@ Justice: Get a grip.

Learning martial arts or boxing makes you a wife beater? Every Olympian in judo, boxing or taekwondo?

It is idiots like yourself who undermine a very legitimate discussion about a small percentage of violent (and deplorable) men and how society deals with this group.

But it's got nothing to do Rocky Balboa, Daniel San or Frank Dux beating up women.

FemFighter said:

In a world where all women have to watch their backs for rape from men who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, we should not be teaching men how to professionally beat up women and get their way even more. Absolute disgrace and hope there’s a protest.

@KGB said:

Um, Oscar Pistorius?

Try again sweetie...

Men need to understand rape and violence will no longer be considered the norm. WOMEN HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

ShakeUp said:

This dinosaur of an event promoting violence needs to be banned.

One solution would be banning men from the event, and making it a self defensive course for women in advertising. It could still raise money while actually doing some good in the community by making men stop to think about raping anyone they want.

There. Solved it for you.

R3ASON said:

Any of you bellends (Justice, Femfighter, ShakeUp) who are suggesting this is a testosterone fuelled event to teach men how to beat up women should:

a) check the event out, you'll realise that as many women as men usually do it.

b) try boxing and you'll realise it's about fitness, focus and defence as much as it's about attack

c) realise the funds go to charity

You fucking retards.

R3ASON said:

I meant what I said.

@R3ASON said:

Aw, have we hit a nerve in your fragile male ego? LOL.

Keep burying your head in the sand. Women aren't violent like men are, and women are not being raped and killed by men every hour. Do you not read the news?!?!

Teaching men how to fight is the last thing women need.

There's other. non violent ways to raise money.

Please you use brain rather than your penis to think...

R3ASON said:


ideaswoman said:

If you must keep the macho boxing theme to make yourself feel like a real man, why not raise money to donate to all the women in advertising that make half as much as men FOR THE EXACT SAME JOB. We all also ignored in awards simply for being female.

Sorry all you boys feel so threatened.

@R3ASON said:

Resorting to swearing? What’s next, you’re going to “teach me a lesson”?

The point that you’re clearly too dumb to understand is that women do not assault men. But over 80% of men commit domestic violence.

Men should not be eligible for an event like this.

Case closed.

R3ASON said:

You know what, yes I would punch you in the face.

And I'm a woman.

Well done for behaving like the imbecilic victim that you think us women are. And for behaving like the stereotype in thinking that anyone who disagrees with you is clearly a man.

Mike said:

Ignore the regressive left, this is a great event. Good luck to all taking part!

@R3ASON said:

I think you have your TRUMP hat on too tight and it’s damaged your brain LOL

Facepalm said:

And they wonder why people hate the left.

QAnon The Great Awakening said:

Leftists snowflakes are ruining the world.
Yes, we are coming for you.
Yes, we are trained.
See you in the streets @R3ASON

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