New independent experiential consultancy 4Horseman Agency launches in Melbourne

DSC08147 (1).jpgIndependent experiential consultancy, 4Horsemen Agency, has launched in Melbourne with the aim to disrupt the industry through delivering a true, full service offering in a consultation model.

Conceptualised on a biblical apocalyptic vision and spun together through a consultancy look and feel, the latest experiential agency to launch in Australia is the brainchild of ex-Dentsu Experiential and oOh! Edge agency director James Tamanika (pictured).
Says Tamanika: "The growth of our industry in the last 10+ years means that brands are less and less engaged in conventional campaign responses and look for the 'cool shit' to build experiences that resonate with consumers."

4Horsemen Agency is a marketing resource focused on four main pillars (AKA The Horses) of - Creative Ideation, Social Integration, Experiential and Sponsorship Procurement/Management.

In case readers are unaware of the story, in the Bible's Book of Revelations it was said that four Horsemen were created, symbolizing four evil strengths used singularly with great effectiveness, but when these four would ride together, apocalyptic proportions would occur.

Says Tamanika: "The 4Horsemen story is about collaborative strength and we have continued that theme. We have created our Horses in that same vain and dependant on client needs, we can provide a single Horse approach, be it creative ideation or experiential, to great effect. It's when we are able to put together a collaborative approach, bringing together all four Horses, we can create meaningful campaigns with apocalyptic results.

"In an age where consultancy offerings are threatening the bigger agency market, I recognised it was time to set up a resource in the below the line market. Built on a strong network of partners who work with us enabling marketers to gain access and advice across multiple channels whilst trusting in our leadership, management and delivery."

The 4Horsemen Agency model offers unlimited collaborative resources, expertise and advice focused on ensuring experiential activation, events and content come together seamlessly.

Adds Tamanika: "As brands become more and more focused on the value that the customer experience holds in the marketing mix, 4Horsemen is the consultancy offering to be that beacon in ideation of big ideas, strategy and activation ensuring delivery, results and ROI."

Tamanika comes with over 15 years' experience working with clients with new-to-market and challenger brands/products such as Chris' Foods, General Mills, Lion Dairy & Drinks, Diageo, Telstra, Samsonite, Holden, Haval Motors and Disney.


Glass Half Full Service said:

"delivering a true, 3 course meal using the entree model"
Good job guys
This was the funniest press release I've read in a long time, it's so overwritten it's actually a highly entertaining... experience...
But in all the wrong ways

@Glass Half Full Service said:

You're right. It's a bit over the top, but don't rain on the guys parade on launch day. That's pretty ordinary behaviour. Good luck to them and congrats on giving it a nudge.

agreed said:

What kind of jerk shits on someone the first day they start a new business!

Ignore him/her 4Horseman - good luck with the venture.

AI said:

Awesome, I have worked with Tama for a few years - brilliant operator. Excited to see this agency grow.

Jesus said:

Hey guys,
I told you, never use borrowed interest!

Peter said:

Funny. This is either super silly or just up client alley. Or, both.

Props said:

Good on you James. I don't actually know you but going out on your own takes guts so all the best to you and your new business.

Fifth Horseman said:

My brain just exploded from reading this press release.

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