Nurofen re-thinks how to manage Osteoarthritis pain in newly launched campaign via Now Screen

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 8.39.56 am.jpgNurofen is urging Australians to re-think how they manage Osteoarthritis pain in a new campaign developed by Now Screen.

Osteoarthritis affects 2.1 million Australians and is one of the leading causes of chronic pain, disability and lost productivity in the country.  There has been a need to increase awareness of both the disease and treatment options available to consumers. Evidence shows that NSAIDs such as Nurofen relieve the pain that osteoarthritis causes, and are also anti-inflammatory, which is especially important given the pain of Osteoarthritis is caused by inflammation of the soft-tissues between the joints.

Research demonstrated that Osteoarthritis sufferers describe their pain as a burning sensation. Now Screen leveraged this insight and created a visual metaphor symbolising the burning pain experienced during a flare up of Osteoarthritis.

For Now Screen, the creative solution came with the realisation that a bone shape is not dissimilar to a match. From there, it was easy to write a strong script to show how Nurofen can help.

The campaign features a 30-second TVC as the hero spot, and was developed in conjunction with Vandal to bring the concept to life.

Says Dana Holder, global creative director at Now Screen: "We're very proud to have been able to create such a strong, simple and visual story for our client at Reckitt Benckiser, through powerful animation and live action. This was definitely a team effort."

Says Laurent de Meyer, category manager, Nurofen: "We are thrilled with the end result. The main objective of the brief was to establish Nurofen as a credible player within Osteoarthritis pain management. For this we wanted to educate the Osteoarthritis sufferers about the need to not only manage their pain but also to relieve the inflammation when their Osteoarthritis flares up. We think the ad conveys this message very effectively."

Client: Nurofen (RB)
Marketing Director: Maui Valdes
Category Manager: Laurent de Meyer
Senior Brand Manager: Rose Gell
Agency: Now Screen
Global Creative Director: Dana Holder
Account Director: Andrea Robertson
Strategy Director: Chris Loukakis
Senior Writer: Beris Zanetich
Art Director: Charlotte Ducastel
Executive Producer: Petra Valent
Producer: Michael Hollis
Production Manager: Chrysanthi Minglis
CGI/Post-Production: Vandal
Director: Richard Swan
Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith


Older CD guy said:

All I can say is f@#king wow

Brad said:

All I can say is that I didn't think it could get much worse than their Finish dishwashing spot from last week... then along comes this... This agency is nothing but consistently crap.

Laboured said:

I'd hardly call this directing, and the quality of the CG is poor. One bad idea, badly made, and laboured over.
Get some younger people on this quick smart.

Or said:

Or get some older people. A fire hydrant could make a better spot.

Zzzzzz said:

Why would you even bother PRing this?

Wedgehead said:

Why has Nurofen changed the tibia into an upside down femur and dissolved the fibula?

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