PayPal Australia taps into digital natives' desire to 'pay the easy way' in new campaign via Isobar

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.21.14 am.jpgPayPal Australia's latest brand campaign, created by Isobar Australia and Edelman Australia, highlights how Australia's young and busy shoppers can fit "feel-good" payments into their daily routine.
PayPal Australia has launched its 2018 brand campaign, Pay the Easy Way. A fully integrated, mobile-first campaign, Pay the Easy Way targets time-poor and spoilt-for-choice digital natives to demonstrate how PayPal can make their lives easier when it comes to making online purchases or payments.  
A brand comprehension campaign, Pay the Easy Way aims to demonstrate to young, digitally-savvy Australians the benefits of PayPal's service outside of traditional online shopping.

Liz Lefort, director consumer marketing, PayPal Australia, says that PayPal's high penetration and trust in the Australian market means the company is in a unique position to demonstrate the value of its service and expand the brand's voice.
Says Lefort: "Most Australians know PayPal's value for online retail shopping - it is the bread-and-butter of our business. Pay the Easy Way connects Australian consumers to the ease and convenience of PayPal in other areas of their online experience - which is a lot broader than buying a new dress or pair of shoes.
"Online experiences touch all of us every day. It's listening to Spotify at the bus stop; it's treating yourself to and Uber home from work; it's getting Deliveroo for date-night in, then cuddling up and watching Stan. All these physical experiences are connected to our online world. Pay the Easy Way has been crafted to connect PayPal to Australians at every one of these moments."
The campaign celebrates the ingenuity it takes to find the easy way. Because at its core, that's what PayPal is: a clever way to take an easy shortcut to the things Aussies want to pay for. Pay the Easy Way highlights the moments that the easy way is helping Aussies in the midst of everything else that is going on in their lives.
Says Lefort: "We wanted to bring a real Australian energy and truth to this campaign. It is tongue-in-cheek and funny. We wanted our audience to have "oh that's me!" moments, and really get to the heart of experiences we all have in our busy lives. The energy of the campaign is in the message that if an easier option exists and people take it, it doesn't make us lazy. It makes us smart."
The campaign also extends to social content that tells the 'easy way' story outside the lens of traditional creative. Engaging comedian Matt Okine, PayPal has launched a social media-based content series, 5 Minutes Flat with Matt, surprising PayPal customers on the streets of Sydney and beyond with five minutes and $500 to Pay the Easy Way with PayPal. The content is the second engagement with Matt Okine, who debuted as the face of the 2017 LiveSelects.
A digital first campaign, the Pay the Easy Way media strategy was formed with the millennial lifestyle at its heart, encompassed by the connection between creative and intelligent targeting. The media strategy ensures that not only are PayPal reaching its audience in the moments that matter but are doing so with a bespoke tactic that delivers the message that matters most to them.
Client: PayPal Australia
Digital: Isobar Australia
Public Relations: Edelman Australia
Social Media: Edelman Australia and Isobar Australia
Media: iProspect Australia

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