Powershop appoints Marcel Sydney as agency

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.30.14 am.jpgScreen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.31.56 am.jpgMarcel Sydney has been appointed lead creative agency for energy retailer Powershop. Australia's greenest power company, Powershop, provides electricity to more than 100,000 homes and businesses in New South Wales, South East Queensland and Victoria, with customer numbers growing rapidly.
Says Catherine Anderson, chief customer officer, Powershop: "When we first met the team at Marcel, we felt an immediate connection and realised they weren't like other agencies. We are excited to partner with Marcel and are looking forward to seeing their creative prowess come to life to help us accelerate our business growth in Australia."
An innovative energy provider, Powershop aims to put customers in control of their energy usage. Their mobile app and online experience allows customers to keep tabs on their energy usage and buy power in ways that suits them and saves money on their power bills. Customers can also buy power for future use as a cost-saving measure. Powershop offsets all carbon emissions and do not charge a premium cost - making power supplies economic for people's wallets.
Says Iona Macgregor, chief strategy officer, Marcel Sydney: "It's a privilege to work with such an innovative and progressive company. From their business model to their culture, Powershop are an inspiration. Not only are they backed by 100% renewable energy generation, they also carbon offset whatever power their customers use.
"Our biggest task is to ensure our marketing communications totally back the clarity of Powershop's product. We're thrilled to have this opportunity to continue to introduce Australians to a better power company."


giggle said:

hope it last longer than Foxtel

@giggle said:

are you bitter or jealous?

I cant decide

Emma said:

12 months

@emma said:

How about you Emma?

Bitter or jealous?

F#ck you @ @ said:

I'm pissed at Publicis in renaming an iconic agency. This shamozzle of a shopfront will fail sooner rather than later. Sh1t rolls downhill. And to the sycophant coprophage who meekly defends the honour of this stinking ship... what are you? Shill or patsy? Reception or PA? Exploited junior or booze-addled CD?

@f*ck you said:

It is I, the sycophant coprophage (that means someone who east shit for those, like me, that didn't know)

Truthfully, I have no connection with this agency at all. I have no idea what or who Shill or patsy is/are.

I am not defending their honour at all. Just pointing out that people like Giggle, Emma (and I suspect yourself) are either bitter or jealous (you're clearly bitter - although why you care this much about some agency changing a god damn name of a business I have no idea) and are contributing nothing of any value.

If you have a valid argument that you want to air, please do so, but make it interesting or constructive if you can?

@f*ck you said: said:

Maybe they're one of Mo or Jo?
Although I think one of them may have passed away.

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