UQ calls on students to 'own the unknown' in latest marketing campaign via Ogilvy Brisbane

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.01.11 am.jpgOgilvy Brisbane has unveiled a dynamic new marketing campaign that charts a clear point of difference for The University of Queensland (UQ).

The new 'Own the unknown' campaign continues the agency's 2017 strategy for UQ, challenging the traditional belief that our future is predictable or that career paths are linear.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.01.29 am.jpgSays Ewen Pettit, strategy director, Ogilvy Brisbane: "Quantum leaps in technology are disrupting entire industries, meaning that most of the jobs current students are being educated for may not exist in the nearScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.01.20 am.jpg future. The good news is, it's possible for educators to prepare students to navigate these absolute unknowns. That's where UQ can take a leadership position."

The campaign will launch this week across television, cinema and outdoor media, but will also extend well beyondUQ Brand Launch OOH med res (1).jpg advertising channels. The core 'Own the unknown' message will be leveraged in targeted social channels, tools and events, where future students can find the answers to their unknowns and see how current students and alumni have flourished.  In the future, the campaign will also be extended to other key audiences.

Says Phil Nobay, executive creative director, Ogilvy Brisbane: "The power of this campaign is the extent to which it can be amplified in targeted channels beyond launch. It's so much more than an ad campaign; it's a central theme of empowerment that unites all UQ schools and faculties, providing a platform to promote the capabilities and achievements of the entire organisation. We're already working on a vast array of social extensions and utility ideas that will bring even more credibility and audience value to this challenging campaign idea."

Says Kelly Robinson, chief marketing and communication officer, UQ: "One of our roles as a university is to give our students the confidence and capability to navigate this uncertainty and pivot between current and emerging careers. Creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving - the skills that UQ has championed for more than 100 years - will be more important than ever."

Client: The University of Queensland
Chief Marketing Officer: Kelly Robinson
Agency: Ogilvy Australia
Executive Creative Director: Phil Nobay
Strategy Director: Ewen Pettit
Copywriter: Ryan Yip
Art Director: Carissa Jackson
Digital Art Director: Yuji Sekiya
Digital Content Creator: Reyhan Susilio
Copywriter: Nicole Klinakis
Tech Lead: Erin Higgs
Group Account Director: Trudi Pryde
Account Executive: Madeleine Burrell
Social Strategist: Nidhi Dewan
Director: Sam Thies
Cinematographer: Mark Broadbent
DOP: Brendan Shambrook
Editor: Ricky Marks
Colourist: Kali Bateman
Sound Engineer: Ross Batten
Producer: Sarah Ritchie
Media Agency: MediaCom


and said:

What is this related to?
What does it actually mean?

Pretty pictures don't make an ad.

Steinlarger said:

you can't own the unknown if it's already known to be a beer ad.

Own it said:

I like it. The message should be: Get out of Australia. Find opportunities elsewhere.

3 in 1 said:

I've just left school to avoid people telling me what to do. And now the Uni is telling me what to do as well?
Now I've got to:
Own the unknown.
Go further in every possible future.
Create Change.
And which one is the line? Bugger it I'm going to QUT.

Christian Bowman said:

Nice work, love the platform and beatiful execution.

The Unknown said:

What does 'go further in every possible future' mean?
UQ definitely own the unknown with this clunky line.

Confused said:

You have 3 lines here.

what was wrong with just the URL across the page?

Poorly executed digitally said:

Just is a URL re-direct.

1) Don't use a new URL for brands. Just own search.
2) Create a decent fucking experience.

Both help immensely when actually engaging people outside of shitty film content.

Digitally Disappointed said:

For universities especially, meeting a minimum level of user experience in digital is vital. How are you supposed to sell any kind of progressive or innovative thinking or subject matter expertise when your impression left of the digital-savvy kids of tomorrow falls far below even status quo.

Old uni with no real future said:

The ad seems like it’s milking the incident with the Thailand boys trapped in the cave.
I’ll stick with Griffith - great ad showing a quadriplegic student who completed his degree to become a doctor after his accident - that’s remarkable! That’s Griffith! Preparing students for the unknown!

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