Victorians encouraged to take their e-waste to a better place in new campaign via Icon Agency

SV_Images_1.jpgVictorians are being urged to take their electronic waste (e-waste) to a better place in a bold, new behaviour change campaign created by Icon Agency for Sustainability Victoria.

Phase one of the two-year campaign launched this week, and is designed to help change the way people think about and dispose of their old electronics ahead of a state-wide ban on e-waste in rubbish bins and landfill starting 1 July, 2019.

SV_Images_2.jpgThe campaign launches this week with a film created by Icon Agency and produced by Kiwi animation house, Cirkus. It features a family that shrinks and falls into a crack in the screen of an old mobile phone, followed by their fantastic journey of SV_Images_3.jpgdiscovery inside the wonderful world of e-waste recycling.

Using 3D animated characters and an x-ray creative device, the campaign aims to help the public to see the positive value in recycling their old electrical items, and keeping them out of landfill to protect the planet for future generations.SV_Images_4.jpg

The integrated ATL campaign was created by Icon Agency creative director team, Rod Clausen and Ed Bechervaise.

Says Clausen: "Rather than sending e-waste to landfill, the campaign encourages Victorians to 'take your e-waste to a better place' to11014_SV_380x262mm1.jpg recover the precious bits that can be reused and capture the nasty stuff before it can do any harm,"

In line with social marketing, education and awareness were seen as essential stages to achieving lasting change.  

Says Clausen: "The campaign's key creative challenge was that most people couldn't tell you what e-waste is, let alone how to dispose of it correctly. Our goal, was to 'show' the journey of e-waste in a fresh and completely different way."

Says Rennae Christensen, campaign advisor for Sustainability Victoria's social change and engagement department: "Icon Agency's vision for this campaign has led to the creation of a unique and innovative11014_SV_380x262mm2.jpg campaign to educate Victorians about the value of recycling e-waste. We are excited to be delivering a campaign that starts the conversation about the largest growing waste stream in Australia in an entertaining and informative way."

The campaign launched this week and will roll out in three phases across TV, cinema, online, press, posters, social media and PR channels over the next 12 months.

Icon Agency group account director, Hazel Tiernan, said the issue of e-waste was becoming more critical for all Australians.  

Says Tiernan: "The Victorian Government is investing $16.5 million to upgrade e-waste recycling centres at transfer stations so that by next11014_SV_380x262mm3.jpg year we will be able to recycle and process all types of e-waste in Australia. This is all about changing behaviours, and laying the groundwork leading up to the 2019 e-waste ban. Instead of throwing our old electrics in the bin, we'll need to take our e-waste to one of many e-waste recycling centres across the state."

Says Bechervaise: "Our creative ethos is based on pursuing possibility, and that's exactly what we wanted to project with this campaign. We transport people to a wondrous state of mind through narrative storytelling, where useless electronic waste suddenly takes on new value and life.

"We want to use imagination to inspire behaviour change for communities, families and children, to make11014_SV_380x262mm4.jpg people feel something profound, and build a belief that there is much more to their old electronics."

Says Clausen: "This campaign approaches the upcoming ban with a positive mind-set. The team at Cirkus really went above and beyond to deliver the vision we had. Their creativity, level of craft and ability to elevate the idea is amazing. We're really proud of what we've produced together.

Icon is responsible for delivering creative strategy, campaign implementation, public relations and social media. To find out more about the campaign visit:

Client - Sustainability Victoria
Campaign Lead, Social Change & Engagement - Kellie Watson11014_SV_380x262mm5.jpg
Campaign Advisor, Social Change & Engagement - Rennae Christensen

Agency - Icon Agency
Creative Director - Ed Bechervaise
Creative Director - Rod Clausen
Writer - Aaron Tyler
Art Director (print) - Mal Chambers
Group Account Director - Hazel Tiernan
Senior Account Manager - Joanna Raine
Social and PR Director - Fiona Miller
Senior Designer - Luke Matthews
Senior Designer - Nana Derkyi
Studio Manager - Mark Oriondo
Producer - Naomi Mendoza
Production - Cirkus, Auckland
Animation Director - Christian Greet
Storyboarding - Wei Kit Yoon, Jasmin Ng
2D Design - Gabriel Romero
3D: Chris Lyne, James Turnbull, Matthew Tan, Roman Yurovskiy, Courtney White, Albert Zhang, Kevin Beckers, Greg Smith
Animation - Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo Liu, Wei Kit Yoon, Brett Tunnicliff
Producer - Puteri Raja Ariff
Ringmaster - Marko Klijn
Sound design - The Sound Room, Auckland
Press & Poster Illustrations - Cirkus, Auckland


Hi said:

I just watched that ad and have no idea what happened

Why oh why` said:

The hell did you need to go to auckland to do that? plenty of cg companies in victoia would have done a better job, thanks for your support Sustainability Victoria!

Damn straight said:

Good to see something with some imagination from a govermental department. Hand held handy cam vids are so 2017. More like this please.

Syd said:

Great to see government taking a more creative approach. Well crafted and nicely executed. The video looks like a Pixar film!

Wow said:

What a really boring advertorial. Please get yourself an idea and come again.

mbit said:

Nice animation, could do with an idea though, I agree. Could be a lot simpler and more direct.

Special said:

Screw advertising. Make films. Much better

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