Whiddon launches new social campaign via Red Agency to reimagine perceptions of aged care

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.00.20 am.jpgThe Whiddon Group has today launched a dedicated social campaign titled 'Aged Care Reimagined' via Red Agency, designed to highlight a selection of the feel-good, inspirational stories that are so common in aged care but do not get enough focus.

Showcasing the variety of care provided and the joy it brings, the campaign is about breaking down pre-conceived notions and stereotypes.

Published across Whiddon's Facebook page from now through to November, the 'Aged Care Reimagined' campaign is made up of five key narrative themes.

Each demonstrates various benefits of the approaches and programs Whiddon have implemented across all their care homes. They are as follows:

1.        This is Active Ageing - showcasing the range of activities that help residents keep mobile, from Tai Chi, to drumming and walking groups.
2.        This is the Art of Ageing - highlighting how residents explore their creative passions and hobbies to give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
3.        This is Live Your Best Week - featuring the Best Week program where residents rediscover their passions from the past and relive these moments, be it riding on a motorcycle to watching an NRL match live in stadium.
4.        This is Connected Care - demonstrating how keeping connected with family and fellow residents through technology and social activities is made possible.
5.        This is Creature Comforts - revealing the benefits of pet therapy, introducing resident hens and dogs and exploring how they assist in companionship.

Says Chris Mamarelis, CEO, Whiddon: "When it comes to breaking down sterotypes, seeing is believing. That's why we want to shine a bright light on what's important to us at Whiddon - our residents' quality of life - and showcase to the nation what aged care really is.

"It's about time we reimagined the sentiment around aged care and open eyes to the goodness of our industry and its people, starting with our creative ageing programs that bring enjoyment and health and wellbeing benefits to all our residents."

Says Amiria MacKinnon, general manager marketing and communications, Whiddon: "There are so many incredible and uplifting stories within the aged care industry. That's why we're launching this campaign to combat negative sentiment and hero the creative approaches taken to making our residents feel connected, happy, healthy and fulfilled.

"For us, what's important is pushing for recognition of the positive work that goes on within our industry and heroing those amazing individulals who make it happen."


Emma said:

Luckily for the people who made this turgid patronising stuff most people on this blog wont be interested in what an old aged home does on its FB page.

However, they should.

Aged care and how the aged are viewed in our society is a real issue - as the population gets older and we all live longer.

The thought of someone make me play with balloons, and streamers in a circle scares the shit out of me. The fact that this aged care facility thinks that that is aspirational imagery to put on their facebook page astounds me. The idea of PR'ing it beggars belief.

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