Director Simon Frost and creative Mick Hunter collaborate on new 'Signs' TVC for R U OK?

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.26.45 pm1.jpgA TVC developed by suicide prevention charity R U OK? for its 2018 campaign called 'Signs' has rolled out across the country, gracing movie theatre screens, television and online media publications.

Produced, directed and edited by Simon Frost and written and developed by Mick Hunter, the piece was inspired by the maiden speech by Member for Berowra, Julian Lesser. Lesser's speech was a poignant one that focused on the small behavioural signs that were missed in the lead up to his father's suicide when he was just 20 years old.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.27.51 pm2.jpgSigns' reveals a variety of relatable scenarios where the characters are not quite themselves - something's a bit off with their behaviour.

R U OK? CEO Brendan Maher engaged Frost and Hunter to flesh out the theme and create a moving piece that would act as a subtle reminder to other Australian's who might also be missing the signs that someone in their world could be struggling.

Says Maher: "This is one of the strongest TVCs R U OK? has launched over the last 10 years. Simon and Mick really nailed the final piece, especially the small nuances that might indicate something's not quite right with a friend, loved one or colleague. We couldn't be happier with it. We've had nothing but positive feedback and hope that 'Signs' will help change behaviours around checking in with mates and loved ones and prompt us all to be a bit more aware."

The TVC launched in a two minute, 60 second, 30 second and 15 second iterations and will be screened from August onwards across the country.

The TVC was narrated by R U OK? Ambassador and Australian actor Jack Thompson.

Says Thompspm: "I was very keen to narrate this production, it's a powerful piece. I've been involved with R U OK? for many years and can't stress enough the need for us to step up when our mates need it, even if asking the question might feel uncomfortable. I hope Signs acts as a reminder to look a little deeper, trust our instincts and start a conversation any day it's needed."

For support at any time of day or night, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

For more info, visit

Director/Producer: Simon Frost
DOP: Ben Shirley ACS
Production Manager: Max Horn
1st AC: Grant Wilson
2nd AC: Fiona Young
Gaffer: Mark Kavanagh
Grip: Nick Towle
Casting Agent: Fountain Head Casting - Antonia Murphy and Adrian


Nick said:

Great work.

Old CD Guy said:

Every day I explain my reasons for being underwhelmed by the work being shown on here.

Today I won't.

TJ said:

Lovely work.

Donna said:

Great work, well done Mick & Simon. You should be very proud.

Carly said:

Great work by Simon and Mick, for a very important cause!

DK said:

Absolutely beautiful work guys.

Clearly not ok said:

That actually made me cry. Great work.

Well Done. said:

It's the small changes that can mean something is NQR.
And there is never harm in asking.
Most importantly, this ad could save a few lives.

BC said:


Adam Ferrier said:

An ad up to the task of selling something as brilliant as RUOK Day. Well done all involved.

Simon Frost said:

Also need to thank all the brilliant folk at Vandal, The brilliant folk at Sound Reservoir, Rob Belgiovane, Top Techs and Aus Crew.

Sorry said:

Good cause but this is average.
I switched off before the end. Much too long and lacking in any real emotion.

bruce said:

well done -great spot great cause

Happy said:

Sorry, RUOK?

ron mather said:

Well done,Mick and Simon.Very powerful.Gets you thinking.

At Happy said:

I think 'sorry' is talking about him/her self.


Did anyone watch this without skipping? I got it after the second person, no need to wade through what felt like another 15 yawners. So tedious

Booker said:

Good one boys. You make an old man cry.

Amanda said:

This is great. Well done Mick and Simon. Very powerful and makes you think!

Richard said:

VO gets a bit hammy at points and would be better as just a bunch of 15s. But overall very thought-provoking work.

Greidy said:

Good on you Mick and Simon.

Refreshingly short credits list too.

Someone with some sort of talent said:

To the haters:

First of all, you're probably too young to know what a decent TV ad looks like.
Second of all, this is a massive coup – especially getting Jack to do the VO.
Third of all, I won't be asking if you're OK. You can go find your own OK.

To the creators:
Well done. Great spot. Really enjoyed it. 2 cougars? No thanks, I'd rather watch this one.

Skip W said:

Nice work guys... nice look too Ben is awesome

Dear Someone with some sort of talent said:

The non-fawning comments aren’t those of ‘haters’.
All they’re suggesting is that the message is made simply and well with one example.
I agree. IMHO the message is weakened because of the never/ending repetition, unnecessarily delaying the resolve. The insight is great but a series of 15’s would be more effective.

@3:26 PM said:

"The TVC launched in a two minute, 60 second, 30 second and 15 second iterations and will be screened from August onwards across the country."

Is that clear enough for you Mr Planner?

What have you done lately? It shits me that anonymous hacks get on and criticise here while they haven't produced anything decent. How do I know? Nothing decent has come out of Australia in a long time.

Something needs to change in this industry and we need to get rid of the armchair critics, whingers and 'I would have done it this way's.

Because you're making the work worse, not better. And we are losing talent in droves to other markets.

Rolling of eyes said:

It say's quite clearly the launched as 15's!!!!!!!!

Dear 3:26 said:

No-one is saying the idea is crap. Everyone likes it, including me. All some are saying is that the longer versions weaken the idea because they take too long to get to the point. If you can’t be bothered waiting until the end, what’s the point? And just to repeat, I think it makes a great 15 sec campaign.

Keane said:

Great spot for a good cause.

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