Almost a decade after Alex Bogusky departed US agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, he is set to return, taking the title of chief creative engineer

Alex_Bogusky_bw.jpgAlmost a decade after Alex Bogusky departed from US hot shop Crispin Porter + Bogusky, then one of the hottest creative agencies in the world, he is set to return, taking the title of chief creative engineer.

In this new position, he will assume a leadership role in all aspects of the company, including creative direction, innovation, strategy, and talent.

Bogusky will be working closely with CEO Erik Sollenberg, President Danielle Aldrich and Chairman Chuck Porter, to "reimagine what the modern agency of today can be." 

Before leaving CP+B eight years ago Bogusky was one of the most revered creative directors in the world, known for Burger King's 'Subservient Chicken' and the anti-smoking Truth campaign, before he resigned saying he was done with the agency world.
Says Bogusky: "CP+B is in my blood, and MDC Partners continues to be the network where real innovation can thrive. The CP+B brand has always been all about redefining advertising, and the opportunity to remake what it means to be a top-tier creative agency is too compelling to pass up. The timing is right.

"This is a decisive moment for the future of the advertising industry. The needs of brands have changed, and it's high time to reexamine the best creative approach to meet those needs. I think advertising agencies can benefit from the lean and agile practices that have revolutionized so many other industries."

Says fellow co-founder Chuck Porter: "Alex is the most original and innovative thinker I know: The last time Alex was here, we reinvented what it meant to be an ad agency, and I don't think there's ever been a time when the industry needs that more than right now."

After leaving CP+B eight years ago, the Boulder, Colorado-based Bogusky started his own venture capital firm Batshit Crazy Ventures as well as the White Rabbit hedge fund that oversees assets related to the digital ecosystem.


Nice said:

They all come back.

Daisy Pearce said:

Wank wank wank. ‘Chief Creative Engineer’... really?

Luke said:


I don't know Alex Bogusky. But the impression I get is someone who'd only call himself "Chief Creative Engineer" if it meant gaining the kind of control he demands for his return.

He also strikes me as a principled, ethical and savvy operator. Rather than cynically slag him off, I welcome him back with the hope that he takes CP+B back to the heady creative and strategic heights it used to occupy.

Luke said:

@Ex-Sapient, I see your Idea Engineer and raise you 'David':

Old CD Guy said:

I left advertising 13 years ago.

Not tempted to do a come-back.

Wait, is it Christmas? said:

This is fucking awesome.

Awesome for advertising. Awesome for creativity. Awesome for creatives.

I love Chuck's quote. Wow. Fucking wow.

The saviour of advertising has risen from the dead.

Bogusky the redeemer.


Change is coming said:

One day this blog with be filled with new names for old titles...
the industry needs to move on from itself.
Advertising Creatives need to get over themselves.
Creative people will run a new creative industry that looks and sounds a whole lot different. This guy is one of those creative people.

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