beyondblue pushes mentally healthy workplaces in new 'Heads Up' campaign via TBWA\Melbourne

vgJyvQPg.jpegMental health organisation beyondblue has launched its fourth Heads Up campaign via TBWA\Melbourne, driving workplace mental health action.

The campaign is born from the insight that, while most senior leaders understand the importance and value of a mentally healthy workplace, there is confusion around what actually constitutes one. Acting on this, beyondblue have applied to live job advertisements with a purpose-made CV and cover letter encouraging the recipient to make a hire that will start implementing the attributes of a mentally healthy workplace.

The applications directly target Australian business professionals and business leaders and outline the nine attributes required to foster a mentally healthy workplace.

VIEW THE COVER LETTER - beyondblue Heads Up_Cover Letter.pdf
Dbi9o9CA.jpegDisrupting the traditional hiring process, the 'mock' job applications were distributed by physical mail to companies across a range of industry segments, including media and publishing, HR and recruitment, and health and education (among others).

Says Georgie Harman, CEO, beyondblue: "Heads Up takes an educational approach to workplace mental health - and this year is no different. We're excited to see the recipients' reactions to our 'mock' job applications from beyondblue.

"It's an engaging and creative way to bring a serious and hugelyBfNqelpw.jpeg important topic into conversation."

The integrated campaign also includes the 'mock' applications inserted into this month's issue of HRM Magazine (Australia's leading print magazine for HR), which is circulated nationwide. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Static Link Ads, Video Link Ads, and Facebook Carousel Ads will also target HR and line managers to subscribe to Heads Up's email a1eACr7g.png series which steps through the process of developing a mentally healthy workplace.

Co-located sister agency, Eleven will drive media relations and an influencer program on LinkedIn, with key HR opinion formers sharing the nine attributes to their professional networks.

Download the Developing a workplace mental health strategy: A how-to guide for organisations here.

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