Campaign Brief and LIA to send three creatives from Australasia to London International Awards 'Creative LIAisons' in Las Vegas in late september

Scott-Jack-LIAisons-2018.jpgTwo lucky young creatives from Australia and one from New Zealand will be making their way to Las Vegas in the last week of September, thanks to Campaign Brief and the London International Awards.

Scott Zuliani (above left), art director at The Monkeys, Sydney ~ Campaign Brief's 2017 Agency of the Year ~ and Jack Delmonte (above right), senior creative at Host/Havas, Sydney ~ #2 on the Campaign Brief 2018 Hot List ~ will represent Australia at the 2018 Creative LIAisons in Las Vegas, featuring some of the world's most respected creative directors as speakers, that runs concurrently with the LIA Awards judging.
Special-JWT-LIA.jpgRepresenting New Zealand is David Smith (far left), creative at Special Group, Auckland, Campaign Brief's 2018 NZ Agency of the Year.

Separately, J Walter Thompson Sydney is sending young art director Kostiantyn Liakhov (left).

Places are allocated to companies that support LIA through entries and the trade press (Campaign Brief in Australia and NZ) that organize creative competitions around the world. LIA does not directly choose the attendees.

2018 will be the seventh year in which LIA will host Creative LIAisons, a mentoring program fully funded by LIA that runs concurrently with the LIA Awards judging. Not only are the attendees ~ limited to 100 attendees from around the globe ~ being given the opportunity to listen to some of the industry's biggest names, but they're also invited to sit in with the Juries on statue discussions. This represents a unique opportunity for the creatives to experience the judging process at a relatively young age.

Creative LIAisons is LIA's way of giving back. By refraining from a fancy award show the whole budget goes to organizing this unique event for young creatives from around the world.

Access to the judging room from the beginning of statue discussions through to the final metal decisions is an experience no other award show offers. Not only does it provide insight as to what is an award winning piece of work, but provides a guide as to what sets apart great creative. This has been described by many of the Creative LIAisons' alumni as priceless.


Sexy and Cool Insight Guy said:

All creatives in Australia cross their arms

Honey Bee said:

Congrats Kostia! Look at you go.

Vegas Baby said:

Nice one lads!

Dan Bilzerian said:

Jack hmu when you in vegas dog.

too many dicks on the dancefloor said:

seriously, CB, couldnt find one female to send along?

Well done CB said:

Relax @too many dicks on the dancefloor.
Last year it was 3 women: Alberta Gunner and Roxy Dalton from Clems Melbourne and Georgia Johnstone from Colenso.

@too many dicks on the dancefloor said:

Did you just assume Jack Delmonte's gender?

Gillies kaka said:

Jack Delmonte is a handsome man. Look at that jawline. Impressive.

Roy said:

Zuliani and Delmonte. I can only assume the judges had a weakness for incredibly handsome men.

E. Franken said:

Kostia! Good work getting that ticket. Have fun in Vegas.

Swoon said:

Jack Delly.

Sally Hastings said:

Congrats Scott! Stop by SF on your way back. x

Steal your thunder said:

Ah Mr Delmonte, your CCO just called the CB offices and he'll be taking your place. No, no wait, change of plans. Enjoy.

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