Car servicing comparison site AutoGuru targets women in 'Who's the guru' campaign via UDKU

Ad Still (1).jpgAustralian car servicing comparison site AutoGuru has confirmed that women are almost twice more likely to book a mechanic online than men, which is a key insight driving its first brand campaign 'Who's the guru' via U Don't Know Us (UDKU).

Created by the agency behind the tongue-in-cheek Airtasker campaigns, AutoGuru's new ad features a quirky self-aware female lead, who freely admits she knows nothing about cars and shares her tips to booking mechanics for the best price.

AutoGuru is the for mechanics and quotes over $10 million in car servicing and repairs every month.

Says Elise Peate, head of growth, AutoGuru: "Women are extremely high-value customers and represent close to 50% of AutoGuru's bookings nationally. Our user statistics clearly show that younger women aged 20 to 40 are online and comparing quotes and reading reviews to ensure they are getting value for money when it comes to mechanical."

While the majority of AutoGuru users are male, research has shown that men are more likely to make a quick gut decision based on a conversation they have with their mechanic. Women however, are more skeptical and willing to undergo thorough investigation to understand what is included in their service.

Says Peate: "They want to know how much it will cost and read customer's reviews before making their decision. AutoGuru makes this incredibly easy and enables users to effectively shop around which has been a hit for our savvy female users."

The AutoGuru commercial, launched in prime time across South East Queensland, coincides with the tech company being included in the Australian Financial Reviews' Most Innovative Companies List.

"Says Eden Shirley, CEO, AutoGuru: "Being recognised in the AFR Top 10 most innovative companies is huge for us. We are on the cusp of a new era in automotive aftercare that is digitized, democratized and transparent, and making a list will position AutoGuru as one of the start-ups to watch in 2019.

"When we started we set out with a simple goal to make car servicing as easy to book as a hotel or flight. Now we have out sights on empowering millions of Australian motorists to book car servicing online with confidence - like a guru."

Says Peate: "For local mechanics, AutoGuru enables them to easily engage and book new customers online 24/7 without having to quote every opportunity manually. It saves businesses time and helps them grow their customer base which is essential in today's competitive automotive repair market."

Agency: UDKU (U Don't Know Us)
Managing Partner: Mark Timmins
Creative Director: Andrew Ostrom
Agency Producer: Rene Shalala
Production Company: Jungle Entertainment
Director: Al Morrow
Producer: Sarah Nichols
Production Manager: Madeleine Levins
AutoGuru Founder: Eden Shirley
Media Manager: Lisa Tantuccio
Head of Growth: Elise Peate


Hmmmm said:

So women know nothing about cars eh. So much for breaking down gender stereotypes.

@Hmmmm said:

Who said women know nothing about cars?

Jeepers said:

Think you need to read the article properly @Hmmmm I'm sure I read something quite different. But you know - you all have your bandwagons and you will jump on them anyway.

Men at work said:

This is sexist. Just because I'm a women doesn't make me an idiot that knows nothing about cars.

@Men at work said:

No, just an idiot that doesn't know the difference between woman and women.

Start up culture said:

When does a start up stop being a start up? Can’t you just be a business? These guys must be 8 years old I’m guessing, I’m sure they were ‘fixed price car service’ before this. Start-up seems to be way a digestible way of admitting that you’re still not making any money.

We can't let any fun in here! said:

From this day forth, women shall henceforth be not referred to as idiots.


Bob said:

Hi ... Who is the female guitarist with pink shirt, blue spotted slacks and blue guitar in the Auto Guru TY commercial shown in SE Qld, Australia ?... Thanks.

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