Over 130 Melburnians gather for MADC event with The Monkeys' Justin Drape ~ AIRBAG's Adrian Bosich announced as new MADC President

1 - Justin Drape.jpgA piece of The Monkeys for a measly $15, not the reported $63m paid by Accenture? It was an offer too good to refuse for more than 130 ticket holders who fronted up to the Local Taphouse in St Kilda for the latest installment of the MADC Presents series.

'Monkeys Tales: 'How to Create Your own Creative Agency' saw co-founder and group CCO Justin Drape share the full Monkeys story, from humble beginnings, to a properly plastered and decorated office, and now the creative beast it is today.  

Drape enthralled with a blow-by-blow account of their trajectory, chronicling their bold actions.

"Instead of talking about doing things - which happens a lot in our industry - we actually did them", Drape mused.
2 - Listening Crowd.jpgWith inventive cost-cutting measures like starring in their own Foxtel commercial as cops, the audience heard how the original three Monkeys broke the laws of advertising simply because they didn't know they existed. "Naivety can serve you well," Drape said. An early brief working on the3 - Justin Drape Closeup.jpg famously edgy credits for Andrew Denton's 'Enough Rope' program set the tone for provocative ideas from the beginning.

The theme continued with Drape sharing some audience-ears-only stories of how a bunch of provocateurs, ex-Mambo creators and ragtag agency characters made the4 - MADC Crowd.jpg group and their unique brand of work what it is today.

It was one for the history books. Or at the very least their own self-published book 'Made By Monkeys: A Decade of Provocation' with a copy handed to the audience member with the most provocative question.

The night also marked the announcement of the new MADC president, Adrian Bosich, managing partner and creative co-founder of AIRBAG.5 - Adrian Bosich.jpg

Says Bosich (below left): "I'm very honoured to be president of the MADC - a club that is very close to my heart. I have so many fond memories of the MADC, and the camaraderie that flowed out of that sense of community. It's where I met a legion of creatives and creators, many of whom are friends to this day. The committee and I have bold, grand plans for the club, and I'm looking forward to coming together to talk about and celebrate our work. Most importantly, it's imperative we create an environment where the next generation of thinkers and doers can thrive."

The event was the first in a revised MADC calendar, with big things afoot. Stay up-to-date here: https://www.facebook.com/MADC1955/.


Thuglife said:

love it when people talk about themselves and charge you $15 to hear it

so cool

Mum said:

Never take yourself to seriously or you'll miss the whole point of it all.

@thuglife said:

Yeah, okay mate, I’m sure that he’s worried about charging 15 dollars despite being a multi-millionaire.

It’s definitley not charged by the MADC to cover the cost of venue hire. Nah, that would be silly.

SM said:

Congrats Adrian. Perfect choice.

@Mum said:

She probably said ‘never take yourself too seriously...’ etc, but then she was a better writer than you, with better grammar and spelling.

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