Taboo launches new 'Gates of Heaven' film at MIFF to spread road safety message for TAC

GOH_Still 03.jpgToday an innovative new short film will be launched as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival to help reduce the number of lives lost on our roads. One of the biggest causes of driver distraction is mobile phone use. Driving while using a handheld device increases the chance of crashing by up to four times.

The film, Gates of Heaven, was the winning entry in the Spilt Second Film Competition, conceived by Melbourne agency Taboo for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). The competition challenged young filmmakers to come up with a concept to get people to stop using their phones while driving.

Callum Borthwick.jpgThe winner is 20-year-old Callum Borthwick (left) from Swinburne University, who received a $50,000 production budget and $5,000 prize money. His film will play as the pre-roll before more than 500 screenings at MIFF and the MIFF Travelling Showcase across regional Victoria.

Young drivers are notoriously difficult to reach with road safety messages, so the competition called on young people to help make the message relatable, rather than authoritarian.

As a result, Gates of Heaven offers up the road safety message as a satirical view on our addictive relationship with our digital devices.

Taboo creative director Nick Jamieson says working with the TAC and MIFF has been a meeting of the minds.

Says Jamieson: "This project has been a genuine collaboration. MIFF has been an incredible partner in helping bring this to life; and the finished product is a huge testament to the TAC's willingness to push the limits and think outside the square of communication norms.

"As a bonus, Callum seamlessly integrated the festival's official 'Turn off your phone' message."

As the film is being screened during MIFF, it will open the door to conversations about distracted driving using a proven method: humour. The MIFF audience is highly engaged, socially aware and interested in getting involved in wider conversations about things that impact the community.

Client: TAC
Partnership Project Advisor: Sarah Henderson
TAC Road Safety Program Manager: Tahlee Norton
Technical & Policy Project Manager: Helen Reddan

Agency: TABOO
Creative Director: Nick Jamieson
Strategy Director: James Mackinnon
Senior Account Director: Kate Prowse
Senior Account Manager: Suzi Williamson
Designer: Dane Falkstrom
Copywriter: Claudia Sarosiek
Production Director: Melanie O'Rourke
Production Coordinator/Account Executive: Chloe Herbert

Production Company: +Ape
Director: Richard Hughes
Executive Producer: Jason Byrne

Split Second Film Competition winner and film writer: Callum Borthwick

MIFF Partnerships Manager: Jo Lawson
MIFF Artistic Director: Michelle Carey


Jack Shite said:


Funny as hell... said:

Nice job people.

That guy said:

What an awesome opportunity for that kid. Nice work TAC

That guy said:

What an awesome opportunity for that kid. Nice work TAC

Phil said:

How lazy can an agency get? Not sure where the $50K production budget went, it looks more like $5K.

KGB said:

Brilliant work and nicely produced.

@ Phil - just when I think this cesspit of negativity couldn't get any worse, you pop your head up. Well done.

Phil said:

@ KGB, I speak the truth. Get your head out of the sand.

@Phil said:

I cannot speak for the agency's energy levels as I've never worked with them. But if you think this looks like a 5k production, you've clearly never produced anything in your life.

Disgruntled Copywriter said:

And the moral of the story is: doesn't matter how many offences you commit ("What didn't you do?"), you'll get a second chance anyway...

MILKED said:

Great concept and top edit. Great job Taboo!

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