The 40 Hour Famine launches Chatbot Charlie to re-boot challenge via Havas and InGenious

Chatbot_Ad_2.jpgA playful and cutting edge chatbot is attracting new participants to Australia's iconic 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge. World Vision has launched Chatbot Charlie to connect and engage with Gen Z.

The chatbot was developed by Havas Melbourne and InGenious.
Chatbot_Ad_3.jpgSays Teresa Sperti, chief marketing, data and product officer, World Vision: "Today's 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge participants are social media savvy and expect immediacy. To engage Gen Z, we've developed Chatbot Charlie as a key way toChatbot_Ad_4.jpg engage with youth to deliver a more immersive, digitally driven experience."

With nine different entry points including Facebook and other social media, website content and 'teaser' advertisements, Chatbot Charlie  provides a seamless way for youth to access information related to issues facing refugees and commonly asked questions about the challenge weekend.

Says Sperti: "In days gone by, participants went without food for 40 hours to raise funds to relieve famine, collecting handwritten commitments from sponsors. Youth of today are however highly connected and always on - keeping their attention and excitement levels high for 40 hours is paramount.

Charlie the chatbot (1).jpg"Charlie the chatbot also provides us with a new mechanism to engage one on one throughout the backpack challenge weekend, to create a unique immersive experience for youth. The understanding and empathy they gain from packing their backpacks and roughing it is incredibly powerful. Ever tried to pack your life into one bag to flee persecution, war or famine, perhaps never to return? That's the reality for more than 33 million displaced children around the world - the stakes are high.
"Vitally, Charlie humanizes the complexity of the refugee crisis in a digestible way that motivates young people to act."

Along with Charlie, online gamification is being utilised to deepen both the Challenge experience and the understanding of how fundraising efforts  help refugees on the other side of the planet. Virtual rewards at key milestones have been introduced as part of this new approach, encouraging participants to move towards their next milestone and also to provide them with shareable assets to engage friends and family to support the cause.  

This year's Challenge is sharing the stories of four young displaced people - Lilias, Obada, Jubaida and Rhoda - who have been forced to flee their homes.

Says Sperti: "Challenge participants can select which of these highly personal stories resonate for them and explore the content however they want."

When Charlie is accessed through the 40 Hour Famine Facebook page, users are given a generic journey optimising towards sign ups. The clicks to message rate (CMR) is high, with 17% resulting in conversation, with 57% new to 40 Hour Famine Facebook Messenger.

Says Sperti: "This is a thrilling example of technology meets social good."

For information on the challenges:

The 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge takes place from Friday August 17 - Sunday August 19

Media planning & buying, chat bot strategy  - Havas Melbourne
Chat bot strategy & development - InGenious

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