The Creative Relay celebrates International Beer Day with latest podcast episode feat. Hawke's Brewing Co's Nathan Lennon and Dave Gibson

Creative Relay 7.jpgThe latest episode of The Creative Relay podcast has just dropped with Barbara Humphries talking to Hawke's Brewing Co founders and former Droga5 creative directors, Nathan Lennon and Dave Gibson.

Recorded at Smith & Western's podcast studio to coincide with International Beer Day, the podcast reveals how the two career creatives took the bold leap to launch their lager in 2017. The episode is essential listening to any budding entrepreneur, and gives a fascinating insight into how the duo's advertising career prepared them to start their own business.

Says Gibson: "I think this industry gives you a very good grounding. If we hadn't worked in advertising I don't think we would have had the confidence or the problem-solving skills to deal with the last year."
Lennon agrees, adding: "I think advertising instilled an armour around us - and creative teams will understand how important it is to have someone there in the trenches when things are tough."

In their lively discussion with Humphries, Lennon and Gibson share their perspective on the impact working at Droga5 New York played in their company's gestation. They also divulge how their priorities have changed along with their roles.

"If we could get bottle shops to accept stickers under our six-packs, that's the equivalent of us winning a Gold Lion at Cannes right now" muses Lennon.

"That reminds me - you can get a six pack at any Vintage Cellars for $19.99!" adds Gibson.

Editor's Note: Smith & Western are giving away six packs of Hawke's Lager to the first 10 listeners posting a 5-star podcast review - so download now to win!

For host Paul Dunne, the latest episode uncovers some key characteristics that help creatives thrive outside of advertising.

Says Dunne: "In agencies, we're surrounded by others with the same tenacity and resilience - so we tend to take these skills for granted. What Dave and Nathan demonstrated to me was how valuable and special those characteristics are - in advertising and beyond."

As the first episode featuring agency creatives who have launched their own brand, the podcast was always going to be especially illuminating according to Dan Higson, Producer at Smith & Western.

Says Higson: "When Barb suggested the boys for her follow-up episode, we were over the moon. We knew it would be great to hear how they've handled the transition from agency creatives to business founders."

This episode, along with earlier podcasts, is available now on iTunes or at

The next episode featuring Lennon and Gibson interviewing the creative of their choice is scheduled for release in late August.


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Loving the podcast Dunny and team. Keep 'em coming.

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You'd be a bum if you didn't listen to this podcast

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Great listen & insights. Will come back for more.

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This podcast is fantastic. Please make them weekly.

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Nice tan x

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Lovely work fellas. 5 star rating now send me a six pack!

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